Thursday, December 26, 2013

Emma Newman / Between Two Thorns / A Twisted Victorian Fantasy

Between Two Thorns
Split Worlds book one
Emma Newman

Don't know what it was
The book simply captivated me
I was held prisoner to the finish

Might have been the Victorian Fae wannabees
All their silly rules and patrimonial families

Might have been the three worlds
The Mundane, that's us
The Fae Wannabees, hence the runaway
The Fae, a fickle lot to be sure
I just got caught-up and could not let go

Max, an Arbiter
His soul in a jar somewhere
Is looking for a runaway

Cathy, the runaway
Wants to live in the Mundane
She has no desire to be eternal
Eternally under someones thumb

Sam, a Mundane with a good heart
Saw something he should not have seen
Something is amok across the worlds

Not gonna give a penny away
You want the pleasure
You read the book

I'm going to read book 2
Any Other Name
I want to be in the thralls again
I want to be Emma Newman's prisoner

Johnny Cash
Life Unheard

Patrick Lee / Runner / Outstanding Thriller

Lee Child / Jack Reacher
Scoot over
Make room on the bench
Patrick Lee / Sam Dryden
Make your selves comfortable

Don't get too comfortable
I want more Sam Dryden stories
I want them yesterday

Dryden is a retired special forces soldier
Still hurting after the loss of his family
He runs in the wee hours of the night

One night he meets up with Rachel
A young girl being pursued
Men in Humvees
Men with guns

Rachel has lost her memory
Dryden decides to help
Dryden has the skill set
Dryden can help

What no one knows
Rachel is special
Rachel is dangerous

Patrick Lee
A Sam Dryden Novel
Don't miss it

Rev.Gary Davis
Live at Gerde's Folk City

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nicholas Kaufmann / Dying Is My Business / Damaged Goods With An Attitude

Dying is my Business
Nior Mystery
Urban Fantasy
Uniquely Twisted
Thoroughly Enjoyable

Nicholas Kaufmann
Is off to a rousing start
There is obviously room for more
Should we, the readers, want more
I gotta tell you
I'm an American
I always know what I want
More, please

Trent is a dynamic character
Not the happiest camper at the fire
A little rough around the edges
Trent has loads of edges
He hasn't a clue
About who he is
He hasn't a clue
About how to behave
Impulsive does not describe
I liked the guy

Trent meets Bethany
I like Bethany
Wait, Wait (Don't Tell Me)
What have we here
A Beating Heart
Trent has a beating heart
The cur may have AKC papers
Who'd a thunk it

Impulsive foolishness aside (mine)
I enjoyed the book
I read through
I left the other books I'm reading, sit
nuf said

Muscle Shoals
Soundtrack from the documentary
Directed by Greg "Freddy" Camalier
The Documentary will arrive when they release it
Don't miss it

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emma Jane Holloway / A Study in Silks / Steam, Society, Skullduggery and Sherlock's Niece Evelina / Every Thing A Reader Needs

I needed something to read
While waiting in line
While sitting patiently
Something easy to return to
Again and again

I always carry at least one book
Something instantly engaging
Something easily set aside
Something easily returned to

A Study in Silks
Book one in The Baskerville Affair
A perfect match for the job

Emma Jane Holloway
A Study in Silks was a total delight

What more could I ask for
Sherlock's niece Evelina
Evil Steam Barons
Devices imbued with magic
Victorian manners
A comedy of Victorian manners
Goofy Victorian romance

Fun to read from start to finish

The Avett Brothers
Magpie And The Dandelion

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Richard Kadrey / Dead Set / A Darker Side; Exposed!

I love Sandman Slim
Who doesn't
Dark, Funny, Outrageous, Sacrilegious
All to extremes

Now we have another side
Richard Kadrey's somber dark side
An entirely different spin on the halfterlife
Not a friendly place
Not Heaven, Not Hell, Just Not

Zoe lost her father not too long ago
The insurance company says he never existed
Mom can't find work
The move to the city
Away from her friends
Living in a dumpy apartment
Life sucks

Zoe got some help
She hasn't hurt herself recently

Zoe's father's soul is in peril
It's up to Zoe

A Brilliant Read
Urban Fantasy and Fiction Readers
Young Adult and Adult Readers
This book is for you
Dead Set

Blind Boys of Alabama
I'll Find A Way

Rachel Bach / Fortune's Pawn / A Terrific Space Opera

As I started Fortune's Pawn
I was caught off guard
The protagonist was so awkward
I'm so glad I kept reading

Fact of the matter is
Deviana Morris, Devi, is awkward
Socially awkward
As a soldier
Devi is Hell on Wheels

Devi has one goal
To join the elite troops
To be a Devastator
To be one of the King's own

Nothing will stand in her way, nothing

The fast track to the Devastators
Captain Brian Caldwell and his ship, Glorious Fool
The Glorious Fool does not have a shiny record
Crew members are lost or killed at a staggering rate

Among the unusual crew members
The cook, Rupert
Tall, dark and handsome, Rupert
Who or What is, Rupert
Beautiful handsome, Rupert

Rachel Bach is off and running
Fortune's Pawn is book one
Paradox is the series
Fast paced and lots of action

What would Homer say
Homer would say, "Shiny"
I agree
Fortune's Pawn is Shiny!

Wise Up Ghost: and other songs
Elvis Costello and The Roots
Whooee! Elvis in all his glory

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Darwin Elevator / Jason M. Hough / Science Fiction Thriller

Jason M Huff (spelled Hough)
Steps out of the box smokn'
His debut novel is a screamer

The Darwin Elevator
Is not a human construct
Alien to the core it may be
Humans have had no choice
It is the only safe place

Safe is a relative term
It certainly doesn't mean safe

Holding this book in your psyche
It's a high tension event
Fraught with danger
So little time to breathe easy

Are there breaches in continuity
Do characters miss an occasional step
I could not tell you
I was all in

The Exodus Towers (Bk 2)
The Plague Forge (Bk 3)
The Dire Earth Cycle
Want to know what's next
The line forms behind me

Music in my heart and head
The Be Good Tanyas
A Collection (2000-2012)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Korval's Game / Sharon Lee & Steve Miller / A Laiden Universe Smackdown!

Had to quit reading the new books
Could not leave the Laiden Universe alone
The stories are just Too Much Fun!

Korval's Game is a two book omnibus
Plan B and I Dare
Whoo-ee, the fan is on high
No one goes unsplattered

Clan Korval is under attack
The Department of the Interior
Wants them dead, all of them

When things could not get worse
Things get much worse
The Yxtrang are attacking Clan Erob
Planet Lytaxin is no safe haven
It's a war zone

There will be Balance!
Space Opera Fans
Do Not Miss This Series
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller are story tellers

Dwight Yoakam
3 Pears

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Django Wexler / The Thousand Names / Outstanding Series Opener

Django Wexler has my attention
The Thousand Names held my attention
The protagonist, a personally favored twist

Winter, a young woman on the run
Posing as a young man
Hiding as a common foot soldier

The colonial army is far from home
Khandar is a bleak, arid, stifling land
The natives are restless

The world building is full immersion
You know you are there
Khandar is an uncomfortable place

Enter the new leader of the troops
A very enigmatic fellow
A man with an agenda
The Thousand Names

The magic
As expected

My foot is tapping
I am waiting
Book 2 of The Shadow Campaigns
Publication date and title unknown
Not my kind of mystery
My foot is tapping
I despise impatience
Especially my own impatience

I will listen to music
I will listen to The Civil Wars
I will listen to Civil Wars

Monday, September 16, 2013

Lauren Beukes / The Shining Girls / Beukes' Voice Will Not Be Denied

Moxyland melted me (post)
Zoo City glued me to the pages (post)

The Shining Girls, I am in awe
All ancillary attention appropriated
The only thing I could do was read

Lauren Beukes moved from paperbacks
To a mainstream publisher and a hardback book
Well Done Ms Beukes, very well indeed

The story, so intriguing
Keeping the plot coherent
A work of art

A trophy obsessed serial killer
Capable of moving in time
Only from 1929 to 1992

A survivor brimming with grit and determination
Obsessed with a desire for justice
A young woman without an iota of quit in her

The Shining Girls will not be found in Science Fiction
This shining beast is in the Fiction collection

Gillian Welch
Revival  (c)1996

Sunday, September 8, 2013

David Weber & Jane M Lindskold / Treecat Wars / Star Kingdom Novel 3

O Happy Day
I love the Honor Harrington Series
I love the YA prequels, The Star Kingdom Series
1. A Beautiful Friendship (post)
2. Fire Season (post)

David Weber is a wise man
He chose Jane M Lindskold to help
MS Lindskold knows YA Lit
The YA stories capativate the reader

Treecat Wars brought a whole new think to Treecats
Reading this prequel series / Makes me want to reread
Wish I had the time
Treecat Wars will be released October 1, 2013

Time (the Revelator)
Gillian Welch

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Richard Kadrey / Kill City Blues / Sandman Slim Does Not Skip A Beat

Richard Kadrey
Sandman Slim Series

What can I say? nothing
What do you need to know? one thing
Read the books

If you can't deal with irreverence
Do not open the book

1. Sandman Slim   (post: read me)
2. Kill the Dead   (post)
3. Aloha From Hell
4. Devil Said Bang
5. Kill City Blues (you are here >*<)

Dr. John
The Very Best of Dr. John

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alex Bledsoe / Wisp of a Thing / A Novel of the Tufa #2

Being a monster fan of The Hum and The Shiver (post)
I could hardly wait to read Wisp of a Thing
I was not disappointed

Rob Quillen looks like a Tufa
He is not
He is a singer songwriter

Rob can see what only the Tufa should see
All is not right in Cloud County
There is friction fomenting in the Faye factions

Some things need fixing
Rob Quillen may be able to help
Bliss Overbay seems to think so

Thank You Alex Bledsoe
Another story well told
My heart was totally engaged

This is a series not to be missed
The Tufa
World building full to the brim with wonderment

Music to engage the heart
John Hiatt
Mystic Pinball

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ramez Naam / Crux / Nano-Technology, Proto-Humans, Our Imminent Future?

Ramez Naam introduced the nano tech in Nexus (post)
Teased, enticed and frightened the reader
Drew us into a riveting story
With Crux, it just gets better

Intrigue gathers complexity to its side
(the plot thickens)
Positive and negative aspects of Nexus
How can we live without it
How can we live with it

Unfortunately / Fortunately some die
Fortunately / Unfortunately some do not

How would living be
Knowing the thoughts of others
What becomes of the nefarious
The cheats, The greedy

Nexus poses a few problems
Considering the state of development
We should put our thinking caps on
With Nexus we could all think together

Mr Naam also writes Non-Fiction
A bringer of hope in an age of cynicism
The infinite resource : the power of ideas on a finite planet

Thinking is a good thing
Reading Ramez Naam is a good thing

New music to the library
Long on my internal play list
Timeless song writing
John Prine
John Prine (c)1971

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Madeline Ashby / iD / The Second Machine Dynasty

Waited for iD with baited breath
I was given an ARC (advanced readers copy)
Wasted no time reading it
Absolutely no disappointment here

If you did not read vN   (the post)
Do so, this is a contiguous story
The plot line does not skip a beat
You will care for protagonists

AIs, human to a fault
Humans, human to a fault (of course)
Moral and ethical dilemmas to ponder
Sides to take, Choices to make

Madeline Ashby has hit another home run
The Machine Dynasty Novels, Satisfy, Deeply
This not light, pop Sci-Fi
This is real Science Fiction

Music / not a flash back
David Bowie
The Next Day

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kameron Hurley / Rapture / Bugpunk Satisfies!

Bel Dame Apocrypha
Rapture, book 3, continues to satisfy
Kameron Hurley, rocks my world

Why say more, When I've said enough
Book 1, God's War (blog post)
Book 2, Infidel (blog post)

Wonderful new music
Stories Don't End

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller / The Liaden Universe / Yippie-Yi-Yay-Kai-O

I am embarrassed to say
I am a late comer to the Liaden Universe
I am happy to say
The library now has or soon will have
The entire collection

(Start reading with book 3 or greater
Go back to books 1 & 2 after you get in the groove
Books 1 & 2 were written later in the game)

Late to the game I may be
I'm catching up fast
These books often Trump other books I'm reading
The plain and simple truth; Too Much Fun!
We all need a little "Fun" in our lives

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, take a bow
It is not often so evident
Writers not just enjoying their work
Writers having a real good time writing
Word that comes to mind when reading; Playful

Don't get me wrong
Playful they may be
This is good Space Opera
This is good Regency Romance
This is good story telling

Music to turn your head
I just posted this a few blogs ago
I'm posting it again
I want to grow her US fan base
Music with content (read the lyrics)
Selah Sue
Selah Sue (c) 2011

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Office Of Mercy / Ariel Djanikian / Intelligent Engrossing Dystopic America

Ariel Djanikian is on my watch list
The Office of Mercy, rang my bell
The language is well beyond brilliant
George Orwell, give the woman a nod

Natasha works in the Office of Mercy
She and her team mates Grant Mercy
The nomadic people are systematically "Swept"
Systematically Granted Mercy

Natasha lives in America-Five
Underground and domed
Protected from the environment
Protected from the savages

Natasha meets the savages
Natasha is conflicted
Beautifully paced
Beautifully developed

The ending
Too soon
Will there be more
One can hope

New Music
Eric Clapton
Old Sock

Blood Zero Sky / J Gabriel Gates / A Near Future Story You Do Not Want To Miss

J Gabriel Gates couldn't find a publisher in 2005
In 2012 Hyperbole became Prophetic
The book is now, too close to the truth
Blood Zero Sky cannot be denied

The book is a rewarding read
If only for the description of the decline
How the corporations took over
How the people allowed it to happen

"Baa Mr Sheep, Baa" (Randy Newman)
Thankfully, not all people are sheep
Hopefully our future will not arrive with a Blood Zero Sky
Socio-Political Junkies; A Must Read

Steve Earle
The Low Highway

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Earth Unaware / Orson Scott Card / Ender's Troubles And How It All Began

Orson Scott Card'sEarth Unaware
Reveals the beginning of The Formic Wars
Long before Ender Wiggin
This chronicles the arrival of the Formics

Co-Authoring the book, Aaron Johnston
I usually whine about "Co-Authors"
Not This Time
Aaron Johnston has hit a Home-Run

Life of the asteroid miners
Brilliantly depicted
Characters and culture, fully and richly human
Villainous Corporates, also human (how fresh)

I have never been able to read past Ender's Game
Not for lack of trying, just couldn't find the gear cog
Could not engage

The characters in Earth Unaware
Fully engaged me
Read it through in Four Wheel Drive

A number of authors have been releasing series prequels
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. with the Imager Portfolio Series
David Weber taking his Honor Harrington Series
Personally, I like to know how it all began

Music going back to the beginning
Aaron Neville
My True Story

She Returns From War / Lee Collins / Cora Oglesby Fights The Good Fight

Victoria Dawes has lost her parents
Things went bump in the night
Vengeance is her singular thought
Cora Oglesby may be her only hope (book 1)
Cora kills things that go bump in the night
Victoria needs to kill such things

Victoria Dawes may be a "lady"
Born high on the English food chain
Victoria is no weakling
Victoria has no quit in her
She does not fear the next step
She has purpose in life

How do I explain these books?
Cowboy Fantasy does not say enough
Cowboy Urban Fantasy just sounds wrong
The elements of Urban Fantasy are present
The elements of a Western are present
Cowboy Up, Read the books

She Returns From War
Cora Oglesby, Book two
Lee Collins tells a good story!

Maybe the best of the bloodline
Since the one, the only, Hank
Holly Williams
The Highway

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Martha Wells / Emilie & The Hollow World / Lyra, Y.T., Katniss; meet Emilie / Heroines All

There are heroines in SF&F that grab you and shake you
Lyra from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials
Y.T. from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash
Katniss from Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy

Meet Emilie from Martha Wells'
Emilie & the Hollow World
This book is, for reader's like me, a Show Stopper
The world fades and, The Hollow World, is
You are in the company of Emilie
Nothing else exists

I have an eight year old daughter
As she ages and the books fit
I want her to read about these young women
I want her to know that a young woman
Can grow up with a compassionate heart
And, have the grit to walk the world

I am not going to say a thing
Emilie & the Hollow World
Deserves SelfDiscovery
Open your mind
Open your heart
Get to know Emilie

Martha Wells, Strange Chemistry
Thank You!
Take your bows

Music new to the library
A young woman with grit and a compassionate heart
Selah Sue
Selah Sue (c) 2011

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Lives of Tao / Wesley Chu / A Screamer

Hey World!
"So listen up buster, and listen up good" J.P.
You really want to read this book

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu
Will have you screaming, laughing, cringing, crying
Looking over your shoulder and under the bed...
Your heart will pitter-patter at the prospect of love
You get the idea
This book does it all

My brain was on fire, start to finish
Poor sloven, slacker, unappreciated... IT guy, Roen Tan
Wakes up with a voice in his head, He is not crazy
Two protagonists, one body
The book just gets better and better

The other guy, Tao, is an Ancient Alien
What More Could You Ask For?
An Ancient Flipping Alien, Good Grief!
This book explains everything
Wars, Science, Religion, Tai Chi... Everything
Mr. Chu delivers. Haunting questions are answered

Think of an accolade, Stamp it on this book
They all fit, The bases are covered
This is Mighty Fine Science Fiction
The really good news
Another book is in the works

I guess if I'm going to quote John Prine
A line from his song, Dear Abby
From his 1971 debut album, John Prine
We will have it soon, here is one we do have
Fair & Square (c) 2005

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Six-Gun Tarot / R. S. Belcher / A Riviting Genre Mash Up / SF&F Steampunk Western

R. S. Belcher has written a beaut
The Six-Gun Tarot packs a wallop
The story is as layered as a bag of corn tortillas
Science, Religion, Magic, Sociology, Mythos... name it

All the players, human and not so human
Well conceived, complex, dynamic
All the plot twists, and there are many
Well delineated, yet convoluted

The story at heart
A young man's heart
Riddled with guilt
Coming to grips, with a little help

Loaded with violence
Good Fighting Evil
Loaded with tenderness
In the midst of chaos

I love first novels
I love first record albums
The crafter at their rawest
A glimpse of their soul

Thank you Mr Belcher
Such a thought provoking
Heart string pulling
Beautiful Story

New Music
Posted for my wonderful wife
The Mavericks
In Time

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

M. C. Planck / The Kassa Gambit / Thriller!

A Freighter Captain: Prudence Falling
A Double Agent: Lt. Kyle Daspar
A Pugnacious Politician: Dejae

A Space Opera
A Thriller
A Political Novel

A Terrific Protagonist
A Conflicted Cohort
A Paranoia Producing Politician

This is more than a good story
It will trigger some thinking
Fear and Loathing may be emoted

This is what Science Fiction does so well
False Background, Contemporary Problems
Aha, Enlightenment

All of the above, in a compelling story
The Kassa Gambit by M. C. Planck
I'm hoping for more form the Captain and her cohort
I've become very fond of the good people in this story

Psychedelic Pill
Neil Young with Crazy Horse

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lee Collins / The Dead Of Winter / Gritty

The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins

I was all in from the get go
Cowboy Up Fantasy
A hard ride from chute to buzzer

Cora Oglesby is the real deal
She and her man Ben hunt things
Things that go bump in the night

Demons, Vampire, all ilk of Evil
They don't truck with failure
They always get back in the saddle

Cora drinks too much
Ben reads too much
A match made in heaven

This is Dark Fantasy
The Wind Chill?
It'll brittle your bones

Book two of the Cora Oglesby series
She Returns From War
On my short list, to be read Soon!

Ray LaMontagne
God Willin’ & the Creek don’t Rise

The Holders / Julianna Scott / Exciting YA

Julianna Scott has started with a bang
The Holders, first of a series
Gripped from start to finish

Becca and brother Ryland are special
Strange voices in little brother's head
A mysterious father

Becca thinks herself, nothing special
Much to be discovered
Taking care of the family was Becca's only focus
Protecting Ryland, a full time job

When the real action starts
It is relentless
Romance rears it's beautiful head
A dynamic story for dynamic minds and hearts

The magic is just introduced here
There is so much to learn
Readers will be intrigued
Like me they will want to learn more

Strange Chemistry, is to YA
What Angry Robot is to SF&F
Cherry picking new and used authors
The skim cream
I am rarely disappointed

New music in the library
The Lumineers by The Lumineers

Cory Doctorow / Homeland / Paranoia In/Of America

Cory Doctorow Delivers
Sequel to Little Brother  ((blog post) read the post)
The paranoia continues

Marcus Yallow is once again called to duty
He has a jump drive full of incendiary information
Exposing some egregious players
Some Corporate, some Government

What's a poor boy to do
"Get Up, Stand Up: Stand Up For Your Rights!" (Bob Marley)
Marcus stands up, and does what Marcus does best
Real World techie, geeky, hactivist, anonymous stuff

As with Little Brother and Homeland 
Are more than exciting reads
They shout to the reader to be a good citizen
To be an active participant in our Democracy

The books disdain bad hackers
The books disdain bad government
The books challenge the reader
The books challenge the government

Be as good a person as you can be
Govern the best you can govern
Work to correct what is not right
Expose what is simply wrong

The Afterword written by Aaron Swartz
Aaron is no longer with us
Cory's homage to Arron is a Must Read

The people's music
Legend: the Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley and the Wailers

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brenda Cooper / The Creative Fire / Evita In Space

Brenda Cooper wrote with intent
The story of Evita Peron
Told on a generations ship
Late in a very long voyage

The Creative Fire
Book one of Ruby's Song
Kindling lit brightly
The reader drawn to the flame

Ruby, a strong and driven protagonist
Unwilling to bend to the will of her oppressors
Drawing others into the fight
Finding others who have been fighting

It can't be a normal battle
The ship must be maintained
The deep dark is a killer
You must protect the ship

The characters are fully fleshed
Complex and conflicted
Sure and unsure of themselves
Suffering the Human Condition

Readers will delight
The book is a Nebula Award finalist

Music to consider
Banga by Patti Smith

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Steampunk Chronicles / Kady Cross / Books 1 & 2

Got lost in YA the other day
Came up for air after two and a half fast reads

Kady Cross knocked me out
Book 1 The Girl in the Steel Corset
Starts with a bang
It opens with the novella; I had read on a device
The Strange Case of Finley Jane

Finley is introduced
Her uniqueness is revealed
Her character is defined
You are left wanting
More Please

I burned through the book immediately
Other unique friends are boarded
Plot thickens and knuckles whiten
Loads of excitement

Book 2's title teases
The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
Leaving London for Manhattan
The social dynamics change
It is America after all

A new villain
A new plot
Finley Jane is getting comfortable with her uniqueness
The other players become more complex
The Steampunk Chronicles are off and running

I forgot to mention
The publisher is Harlequin Teen
The romantic tensions are a delight
If you are old and think of Harlequin like me
This book will change your thinking, utterly

New to the collection
The Avett Brothers
I and Love and You (2009)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Mad Scientist's Daughter / Cassandra Rose Clarke / Take A Bow Cassandra

The Mad Scientist's Daughter
Only a woman could write this
Who would believe a man

I want to spoil the whole thing
I want to tell you everything
Better to say nothing

My heart and my brain
Tearing me to pieces
Both fully engaged

Reading the last page
I am rendered
I am clarified
I am ghee

Cassandra Rose Clarke
If she writes it
Read it

New to our music collection
Dear to my heart
Faithless Street
by Whiskeytown (1998)
Some of Ryan Adams earlier work

Friday, January 18, 2013

Trent Jamieson / Roil / The Nightbound Land

Blistered fingers and all
It was a good read
The characters are dynamic
The world is Messy

As with some other Angry Robot Books
This is, once again, a mash-up
Science Fiction; Fantasy; Almost, not quite, Steam
I'm becoming quite fond of the mix

The three protagonists are endearing
Each in his or her own way
They are complex creatures
A Near Immortal, A Junkie, and A Mad Woman
(Mad as in Angry)

The world is in a pickle
Only the three can fix it
Time, of course, is running out
The World Machine is Phenomenal

Some new and unique thinking going on here
Terra forming
Intentions vs Outcomes
Malignant vs Benign
Fun stuff to think about

Loaded with action on several fronts
Science to ponder throughout
People to love and loath
Ideas to grab and gasp

Trent Jamieson
The Nightbound Land Series
Book #1 Roil
Book #2 Night's Engines
I'm reading #2 soon as it gets here!

One For the Dance Halls
Jesse Dayton

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cursed / Alex Verus Novel 2 / Benedict Jacka

I really like reading the Alex Verus Novels
His attitude and attention to business
His indifference to his mistakes
Alex Verus is not perfect
How fresh is that

Fleshed out his characters
The plot got thicker and richer
Alex can't hide from himself, like he has
Luna can make a fool of herself, and survive

The plot lines continue to be very dynamic
The magic continues to entertain
The villians are henious

Alex Verus #2
I am so pleased it holds up
I want to know more of the cast
I want the characters to keep growing
Next up and soon to read, book #4, Taken

The design? I'm easily entertained
The dog ate all my verse
The clutch went out

I lost track of time
I couldn't think of a thing
It's my mother's fault, I'm so ashamed

I was in a hurry, I wanted to read a book!

Lucinda Williams
Live @ the Fillmore (c 2005)