Monday, May 16, 2011

Stop What You Are Doing And Read This Book!

Social Science Fiction at its best
The human condition In Your Face
Hidden on a false background

Moxyland is so #@!$%^&*
Lauren Beukes owns me!
What a frenzy to read
The language will find its way
Our lexicon will change, no doubt about it!
You want to know about terrorism?
You want to know your place in the world?
This book is so sneaky
I thought I was reading a very hip book
I felt like I was out there on the edge of hipness
"Kinda Hear, Kinda Now, Kinda Hip, Kinda Wow!"
(Thank you Frank Zappa)
I was so wrapped and rapt up in this read.
I did not see it coming

You must read the afterword
Titled "Stem Cells" "Extra"
Anything you may have missed
Will be illuminated

I am totally creeped!


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