Monday, September 9, 2019

Craig DiLouie / Our War / Very Near Future / Very American Civil War

At time I had to set the book down
There are young people in my life
I fear their future more than mine

A brother and sister, teen and preteen
A loving mother and father
Normal teen rebellion

War is coming
War arrives
Stuff happens

Our War by Craig DiLouie
An upsetting, unsettling book
Full of possibilities

Cory Doctorow / Radicalized / Four Novellas / A Possible Future

If you read only one of the four stories in the book

Read Radicalized  by Cory Doctorow
Every story in the book has it's merit
Cory Doctorow "sees" the future
It is not always pretty

A loved one dies
American health care refuses to treat them
What to do, What to do

Science Fiction is full of future possibilities
Cory Doctorow sees one such possible future