Monday, June 18, 2012

Iron Druid Number Four

Kevin Hearne has a good thing going
I laugh, I howl, I roll in the dirt
This boy and his dog are entertaining
Their incessant dialog (not verbal) is hilarious
I want a dog like Oberon
Tricked, book 4 of The Iron Druid Chronicles
Has Atticus dealing with Coyote
Coyote, the ultimate trickster
He is so devious, so relentless
The guy just can't help himself
Even if he's trying to do good
There has to be one more trick
One more hitch in everybody else's get-a-long
Coyote is consistent if nothing else
Atticus, of course, is a get it done guy
When he says he will deliver
He delivers
Atticus is distracted
Keeping pure thoughts about his apprentice
Silly guy
Therein lies the problem, he's a guy
Granualie, on the other hand
Wonders why he's so aloof
Star-crossed madness, fun, fun, fun
She's his apprentice for Druid's sake

What's listening
Lyle Lovett
Release Me

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quaeryt, The Lost One, Learns More About Himself, Imaging, Politics And War

L. E. Modesitt, Jr's Imager Portfolio Series is so bright
This is some of the shinny stuff in the fantasy genre
The newest, Princeps, was a blistering read
Written with an intellectual clarity that satisfies
The moral and ethical dilemmas are succinct
Quaeryt's frustration is palpable
I love how he solves his problems
Princeps is the second Quaeryt story
Book 5 of the Imager Portfoilio Series
And, if you can follow this,
The second book of the "back story"
Quaeryt is the how and why
Books 1, 2 and 3 (Rhenn's story) came to be
I've read the books as published
I have no qualms or complaints
It was okay to jump back at book 4
It is good to learn how it all came to be
Rhenn and Quaeryt are the "good guys" in fantasy

Music from one of my all time favorite song writers
Strangely enough this CD is all deep covers
Nothing from the top 40's play list
Title cut is a cover of Elvin Bishop's
What The Hell Is Goin On?
Paul Thorn, brilliant singer, song writer, story teller

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Violent Bugpunk; Very Satisfying

Kameron Hurley is on my A list
Infidel was a relentless page burner
Book 2 of the Bel Dame Apocrypha
Book 1, God's War, was so fresh, so violent, such fun
I worried she might not keep her pace
Silly me
The bugs are as interesting as ever
Who needs steam
Bugs rule this world
The power supplies, the building materials
The magic and the medicine
Bugpunk, Brilliant Imagining!
Violent girls at every turn of the page
Gritty, murderous, mean spirited girls
The head, Always take the head!
Oh happy days
The prose? Those of a writer
Grammar Nazis will be hard pressed to fault
Story readers, will be happy, happy, happy

You'll want to wind down after Infidel
New music from new players: Alabama Shakes
A gifted, compassionate singer, songwriter(s)
Boys & Girls will please
Brittany Howard: Yippe-I-O-Ki-Yay!