Monday, July 23, 2012

Redshirts! Redshirts! Aaaahhhh!

This is not a parody of Stargate Universe
John Scalzi said so
It is at times a hilarious poke at B TV
Redshirts are indeed expendable
You will laugh out loud expendable
People will look at you
But you, will know something they don't
All will be right in your world
The Universe is a strange place
John Scalzi makes it stranger (a good thing)
There are three codas to the book
Some reviewers (critics) don't like them
I think they take this riotous read
And gently, tenderly humanize it
They will endear you to the characters
You will be satisfied

Music today
Los Super Seven (all 10 of them)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Richard P. Feynman, Graphic Boy Genius

I have now read two (2) graphic novels
The latest was a real surprise
Feynman, and Ripley or not, a biography
Written by Jim Ottaviani
Art by Leland Myrick
Coloring by Hilary Sycamore
The book was indeed a strait-ahead biography
The story of a Nobel physicist
One of the men on the Manhattan Project
And someone you can thank for your computer
The guy was an insatiable learner
He shamelessly spoke the truth as he knew it
He was quirky and human to a fault
I am so glad I read this
My mistrust of graphic novels is shattered

A CD from Johnny Cash
Live in Austin Texas, 1987
Cathartic Bliss
Live from Austin, TX
Released in 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dreamblood, Book One, Woo Hoo !

N. K. Jemisin writes for me
The Inheritance Trilogy was so fresh
Now we get book one of Dreamblood
The Killing Moon leaves the gate at full throttle
The power plays between nations
The misunderstandings of religions
The book keeps you engaged
Death is no simple thing
There are Gatherers to ease your passing
Gatherers to collect your Dreamblood
You leave the world satisfied
You leave the book satisfied
But, knowing there is more
Anticipating more
Where the hell can it go from here?

Bonnie Raitt's newest

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jon & Lobo, Back On Task

I'm a big fan of Mark L. Van Name
His Jon & Lobo series is a pleaser
I just finished book five
No Going Back was just the escape I needed
Jon, a bright, nano infested, ageless, man/weapon
On the other hand, A very sensitive guy
Lobo, a military spec space vehicle
Capable of morphing configuration
And sentient computer with attitude
All in one package
Who could ask for better partners
Lots of fun dialog
Killing machines both, when necessary
Always looking to protect children
Willing to die to protect children
Jon's childhood was not nice
Lobo, well, he's Lobo
enough said
If you like space opera
If you enjoy a good story
read the books

Something a little different in music
A couple of Swedish girls
with the postmodern folk sensibilities of the Be Good Tanyas
Drunken Trees by First Aid Kit

About being wrong sometimes
Same thing happens to me

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paolo Bacigalupi (BATCH-i-ga-LOOP-ee) Writes So Well

My third foray into Paolo Bacigalupi
The Drowned Cities is smokn'
The guy does post apocalyptic dystopia
As good or better than anybody
So believable, So possible, So frightening
You can't help but be enamored with the characters
Humans, one and all; flaws and all
War is relentless
The factions are many
Children are fodder
Child soldiers
Messy, Disgusting, Immoral
Great storytelling!

Dar Williams
In the Time of Gods