Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Darwin Elevator / Jason M. Hough / Science Fiction Thriller

Jason M Huff (spelled Hough)
Steps out of the box smokn'
His debut novel is a screamer

The Darwin Elevator
Is not a human construct
Alien to the core it may be
Humans have had no choice
It is the only safe place

Safe is a relative term
It certainly doesn't mean safe

Holding this book in your psyche
It's a high tension event
Fraught with danger
So little time to breathe easy

Are there breaches in continuity
Do characters miss an occasional step
I could not tell you
I was all in

The Exodus Towers (Bk 2)
The Plague Forge (Bk 3)
The Dire Earth Cycle
Want to know what's next
The line forms behind me

Music in my heart and head
The Be Good Tanyas
A Collection (2000-2012)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Korval's Game / Sharon Lee & Steve Miller / A Laiden Universe Smackdown!

Had to quit reading the new books
Could not leave the Laiden Universe alone
The stories are just Too Much Fun!

Korval's Game is a two book omnibus
Plan B and I Dare
Whoo-ee, the fan is on high
No one goes unsplattered

Clan Korval is under attack
The Department of the Interior
Wants them dead, all of them

When things could not get worse
Things get much worse
The Yxtrang are attacking Clan Erob
Planet Lytaxin is no safe haven
It's a war zone

There will be Balance!
Space Opera Fans
Do Not Miss This Series
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller are story tellers

Dwight Yoakam
3 Pears