Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Went Back To Robin Hobb's First Elderlings Book, Happy I Did So

I was truly taken by Robin Hobb's Rain Wild Chronicles
Then, a couple of patrons I jaw with, informed me
Most of her work is all related
There are now four distinct but connected series
It starts with Assassin's Apprentice
I went to book one series one
Assassin's Apprentice begins The Farseer Series
There are no dragons but there is talk of "The Elders"
The protagonist is the bastard son of a King in Waiting
The King in Waiting gives up the throne
Fitz, the bastard, is raised by the Stable Keeper/Soldier
Suddenly he is spirited away by the royal assassin

I have now finished book two, Royal Assassin

I am well (finished it) into book three Assassin's Quest
Here, there be dragons
It's all worth the trip
I'm headed into the second trilogy soon

The Liveship Traders, I can hardly wait

Robin Hobb, satisfies as only the few can do
Her characters are fully fleshed out, complex and conflicted
Fully in the grips of the human condition
Her plotting will grab and keep your attention

Wonderful new music
The Jayhawks got back together
It was a long wait
Mockingbird Time
Worth the wait

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Cautionary Tale, Beautifully Told

At page 31, I stopped reading and emailed my boss
I had been struck dumb
Literature, real literature, and low, I am aghast
A tale of vampires
Christians and Pagans take heed
The end of days is nigh
The horses are upon us
Surprise, surprise, they are ridden by vampires

Do not approach this book casually
Be awake, be alert, savor every turn of phrase
Be prepared to read some paragraphs twice
It's that good, again and again and again
And then it is over, There is no more
Woe, woe is me, I thirst for more words
Zone One by Colson Whitehead
Trust me, I'm a guy

Brilliant author needs brilliant music
New music to connect the soul
Bad as Me by Tom Waits

Too Much Of A Good Thing? No Way! I Want More!

Scholar, the new L. E. Modesitt novel
Number 4 (#1 chronologically) in the Imager Portfolio series
Just what I needed and didn't know I needed it
Going back hundreds of years in the series timeline
We get the back story of the Scholars/Imagers
The turbulent social and political machinations
How the young ruler, Bhayar, uses his friend Quaeryt
Setting things in motion to educate and protect Imagers
Quaeryt tells no one he is an Imager
On the surface, it's all about Scholars
The political boundaries are awash with turmoil
There is much to be done
The intrigues are just that, intriguing
I look forward to more prehistory
I hope he continues with the "modern" characters too
Good Stuff!

Music on my mind
Ryan Adams newest
Some fine song writing and performing
Ashes & Fire