Thursday, January 30, 2014

Carousel Sun / Sharon Lee / Old Earth Magic

I'm going to recommend this one to my wife
The earth based magic will appeal
Carousel Sun, as I learned reading the ARC
Is a sequel to Carousel Tides
I am reading Carousel Tides now
I'll read it quickly

Kate Archer, the protagonist
Lives in a small ocean side town in Maine
Runs the carousel at the small amusement park
Kate Archer has secrets
The carousel has secrets too
Dark secrets

Sharon Lee creates characters
Characters you want to get to know
Characters whoes company you enjoy
You can identify with them
Their triumphs
Their defeats

Sharon Lee also co-authors the Liaden Universe Books
She writes with her husband Steve Miller
I can't get enough of the Liaden Universe
A Space Opera of Manners and Dering Do
So glad I'm not caught up yet

Sharon Lee tells a good tale
Modern fantasy fans will not be disappointed
I love it when favored authors
Can deliver in more than one genre
Sharon Lee delivers

What the Toll Tells by Two Gallants
Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel
I've been so lost in this CD of late
I purchased a copy for the Library
Lyrics and Music simply brilliant
This is not party music
Here you will find
Introspection, Grief, Anger
And so much more

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wesley Chu / The Deaths of Tao / Too Much Fun

Hopefully you've read it
Hopefully you read my post
The Lives of Tao      (Post)

Wesley Chu has out done himself
The Deaths of Tao is even better
Faster paced
More info on us
How we became who we are
I'm appalled, yet intrigued
Disgusted, yet fascinated

Those aliens are doing a real number on us
I don't think there is much we can do about it
Wars will continue to happen
Mayhem will not be stopping soon

Have some fun
Immerse yourself
Smile while you read

Thank You Angry Robot for the ARC!

New to the music collection
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals