Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Alwyn Hamilton / Rebel of the Sands / Weird Western Arabian Nights

Alwyn Hamilton is too much fun
Yes, it's light, and easy reading
Yes it's a bit of a romance
Yes the magic is very interesting
Yes the story is fresh
All the reasons not to read the book

Why should you read Rebel of the Sands
Strong female protagonist
Constant action and adventure
Smart mouth female protagonist
Good is trying to overcome evil
Most of all
Take a break from the world we live in
This book will "engage" you

It is a Weird Western shoot 'em up Arabian Nights tale
With Djin and magic in a mid-eastern setting
You will be captivated by the characters
You do not have to work to read this YA title

Put down the book and do what needs to be done
You can't just read your life away
But, you can wish you could

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kameron Hurley / The Stars are Legion / Brutal Touching Amazing / Kameron Hurley: World Builder!

I'm crazy about Kameron Hurley
When I first opened God's War
The first paragraph tipped me over
How screwed up can a place be
Further reading confirmed
Even more screwed up

The Stars are Legion is beautiful
The organic ships, amazing
The women
Scheming, Conniving, Sniveling
Strong, Laughable, Inspiring
All sorts of women
There is not one man in this book

Forget all that
The story is complex, compelling
Twisted as Kameron Hurley's mind
The story knows where it wants to go
It's just so difficult
But go there it must

Thursday, March 16, 2017

April Daniels / Dreadnought / Yippee Ki Yay Ki Yo

April Daniels owns me
Dreadnought, a trans superhero story
Yep, like I said

Sci-Fi readers have always and forever
Been in front of societal change
Leading the way
Understanding the new normal

What do you get with Dreadnought?
A Great YA/Adult Superhero story

What you did not expect, but love dearly
The empathy and understanding delivered
What does it mean to be a trans teen
I get it, I've got your back, I understand

What about the Superhero
Has to save the world of course
It's what Superheros do

Step Up
Help Lead The Way
Read a Terrific Story

Music on my play list
Wilco, Schmilco