Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Madeline Ashby / iD / The Second Machine Dynasty

Waited for iD with baited breath
I was given an ARC (advanced readers copy)
Wasted no time reading it
Absolutely no disappointment here

If you did not read vN   (the post)
Do so, this is a contiguous story
The plot line does not skip a beat
You will care for protagonists

AIs, human to a fault
Humans, human to a fault (of course)
Moral and ethical dilemmas to ponder
Sides to take, Choices to make

Madeline Ashby has hit another home run
The Machine Dynasty Novels, Satisfy, Deeply
This not light, pop Sci-Fi
This is real Science Fiction

Music / not a flash back
David Bowie
The Next Day

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kameron Hurley / Rapture / Bugpunk Satisfies!

Bel Dame Apocrypha
Rapture, book 3, continues to satisfy
Kameron Hurley, rocks my world

Why say more, When I've said enough
Book 1, God's War (blog post)
Book 2, Infidel (blog post)

Wonderful new music
Stories Don't End

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller / The Liaden Universe / Yippie-Yi-Yay-Kai-O

I am embarrassed to say
I am a late comer to the Liaden Universe
I am happy to say
The library now has or soon will have
The entire collection

(Start reading with book 3 or greater
Go back to books 1 & 2 after you get in the groove
Books 1 & 2 were written later in the game)

Late to the game I may be
I'm catching up fast
These books often Trump other books I'm reading
The plain and simple truth; Too Much Fun!
We all need a little "Fun" in our lives

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, take a bow
It is not often so evident
Writers not just enjoying their work
Writers having a real good time writing
Word that comes to mind when reading; Playful

Don't get me wrong
Playful they may be
This is good Space Opera
This is good Regency Romance
This is good story telling

Music to turn your head
I just posted this a few blogs ago
I'm posting it again
I want to grow her US fan base
Music with content (read the lyrics)
Selah Sue
Selah Sue (c) 2011