Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brave And Violent New Genre / Bugpunk

Kameron Hurley is not a squeamish writer
God's War is something very new
Steam does not run this civialization
Bugs are the powerhouse here
Bugs run everything, lights, cars, magic...
This story does not flinch
Diversity of proclivities rules the day
If you tread lightly, don't tread here
The societal setting is very Near Eastern
Muslim oppressors rule the lands
The war between states has no foreseeable end
Men are utterly, completely, totally disposable
The strong female protagonist has much to learn
I could not put it aside
The lessons of war were so well played
The well envisioned and built world
Gave a clear pallet to see what was to be seen
The wages of war were clearly muddled

Something new to you in music
Jimmie Dale Gilmore / Come On Back
Jimmy with his pal, Joe Ely, cover some notables
The pun was so not intended, I'm leaving it (sic)


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