Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Have Lost Sleep / I Am Dread / I Am Foreboding / I Am Not Happy

Directive 51 scared me silly
Too plausible, Too possible, Too scary
I love apocalyptic stories
Can't get enough of, the end
How will we go down
How will we behave
I now know one more possible way
I am struck dumb
John Barnes
Directive 51, fraught with fear and foreboding
Don't miss it, Don't miss the Daybreak novels
The sequel, Daybreak Zero is available
It's not just about rebuilding
It's not over
It's a big mess and getting messier
There may be no end to Daybreak
Time and good story telling will tell, I hope

Music with an apropos title
Steve Earle
I'll Never Get Out OF This World Alive

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