Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nicholas Kaufmann / Dying Is My Business / Damaged Goods With An Attitude

Dying is my Business
Nior Mystery
Urban Fantasy
Uniquely Twisted
Thoroughly Enjoyable

Nicholas Kaufmann
Is off to a rousing start
There is obviously room for more
Should we, the readers, want more
I gotta tell you
I'm an American
I always know what I want
More, please

Trent is a dynamic character
Not the happiest camper at the fire
A little rough around the edges
Trent has loads of edges
He hasn't a clue
About who he is
He hasn't a clue
About how to behave
Impulsive does not describe
I liked the guy

Trent meets Bethany
I like Bethany
Wait, Wait (Don't Tell Me)
What have we here
A Beating Heart
Trent has a beating heart
The cur may have AKC papers
Who'd a thunk it

Impulsive foolishness aside (mine)
I enjoyed the book
I read through
I left the other books I'm reading, sit
nuf said

Muscle Shoals
Soundtrack from the documentary
Directed by Greg "Freddy" Camalier
The Documentary will arrive when they release it
Don't miss it

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emma Jane Holloway / A Study in Silks / Steam, Society, Skullduggery and Sherlock's Niece Evelina / Every Thing A Reader Needs

I needed something to read
While waiting in line
While sitting patiently
Something easy to return to
Again and again

I always carry at least one book
Something instantly engaging
Something easily set aside
Something easily returned to

A Study in Silks
Book one in The Baskerville Affair
A perfect match for the job

Emma Jane Holloway
A Study in Silks was a total delight

What more could I ask for
Sherlock's niece Evelina
Evil Steam Barons
Devices imbued with magic
Victorian manners
A comedy of Victorian manners
Goofy Victorian romance

Fun to read from start to finish

The Avett Brothers
Magpie And The Dandelion

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Richard Kadrey / Dead Set / A Darker Side; Exposed!

I love Sandman Slim
Who doesn't
Dark, Funny, Outrageous, Sacrilegious
All to extremes

Now we have another side
Richard Kadrey's somber dark side
An entirely different spin on the halfterlife
Not a friendly place
Not Heaven, Not Hell, Just Not

Zoe lost her father not too long ago
The insurance company says he never existed
Mom can't find work
The move to the city
Away from her friends
Living in a dumpy apartment
Life sucks

Zoe got some help
She hasn't hurt herself recently

Zoe's father's soul is in peril
It's up to Zoe

A Brilliant Read
Urban Fantasy and Fiction Readers
Young Adult and Adult Readers
This book is for you
Dead Set

Blind Boys of Alabama
I'll Find A Way

Rachel Bach / Fortune's Pawn / A Terrific Space Opera

As I started Fortune's Pawn
I was caught off guard
The protagonist was so awkward
I'm so glad I kept reading

Fact of the matter is
Deviana Morris, Devi, is awkward
Socially awkward
As a soldier
Devi is Hell on Wheels

Devi has one goal
To join the elite troops
To be a Devastator
To be one of the King's own

Nothing will stand in her way, nothing

The fast track to the Devastators
Captain Brian Caldwell and his ship, Glorious Fool
The Glorious Fool does not have a shiny record
Crew members are lost or killed at a staggering rate

Among the unusual crew members
The cook, Rupert
Tall, dark and handsome, Rupert
Who or What is, Rupert
Beautiful handsome, Rupert

Rachel Bach is off and running
Fortune's Pawn is book one
Paradox is the series
Fast paced and lots of action

What would Homer say
Homer would say, "Shiny"
I agree
Fortune's Pawn is Shiny!

Wise Up Ghost: and other songs
Elvis Costello and The Roots
Whooee! Elvis in all his glory