Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nicholas Kaufmann / Dying Is My Business / Damaged Goods With An Attitude

Dying is my Business
Nior Mystery
Urban Fantasy
Uniquely Twisted
Thoroughly Enjoyable

Nicholas Kaufmann
Is off to a rousing start
There is obviously room for more
Should we, the readers, want more
I gotta tell you
I'm an American
I always know what I want
More, please

Trent is a dynamic character
Not the happiest camper at the fire
A little rough around the edges
Trent has loads of edges
He hasn't a clue
About who he is
He hasn't a clue
About how to behave
Impulsive does not describe
I liked the guy

Trent meets Bethany
I like Bethany
Wait, Wait (Don't Tell Me)
What have we here
A Beating Heart
Trent has a beating heart
The cur may have AKC papers
Who'd a thunk it

Impulsive foolishness aside (mine)
I enjoyed the book
I read through
I left the other books I'm reading, sit
nuf said

Muscle Shoals
Soundtrack from the documentary
Directed by Greg "Freddy" Camalier
The Documentary will arrive when they release it
Don't miss it

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  1. This book sounds excellent, can't wait to get my hands on it!