Thursday, December 26, 2013

Patrick Lee / Runner / Outstanding Thriller

Lee Child / Jack Reacher
Scoot over
Make room on the bench
Patrick Lee / Sam Dryden
Make your selves comfortable

Don't get too comfortable
I want more Sam Dryden stories
I want them yesterday

Dryden is a retired special forces soldier
Still hurting after the loss of his family
He runs in the wee hours of the night

One night he meets up with Rachel
A young girl being pursued
Men in Humvees
Men with guns

Rachel has lost her memory
Dryden decides to help
Dryden has the skill set
Dryden can help

What no one knows
Rachel is special
Rachel is dangerous

Patrick Lee
A Sam Dryden Novel
Don't miss it

Rev.Gary Davis
Live at Gerde's Folk City

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