Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Office Of Mercy / Ariel Djanikian / Intelligent Engrossing Dystopic America

Ariel Djanikian is on my watch list
The Office of Mercy, rang my bell
The language is well beyond brilliant
George Orwell, give the woman a nod

Natasha works in the Office of Mercy
She and her team mates Grant Mercy
The nomadic people are systematically "Swept"
Systematically Granted Mercy

Natasha lives in America-Five
Underground and domed
Protected from the environment
Protected from the savages

Natasha meets the savages
Natasha is conflicted
Beautifully paced
Beautifully developed

The ending
Too soon
Will there be more
One can hope

New Music
Eric Clapton
Old Sock

Blood Zero Sky / J Gabriel Gates / A Near Future Story You Do Not Want To Miss

J Gabriel Gates couldn't find a publisher in 2005
In 2012 Hyperbole became Prophetic
The book is now, too close to the truth
Blood Zero Sky cannot be denied

The book is a rewarding read
If only for the description of the decline
How the corporations took over
How the people allowed it to happen

"Baa Mr Sheep, Baa" (Randy Newman)
Thankfully, not all people are sheep
Hopefully our future will not arrive with a Blood Zero Sky
Socio-Political Junkies; A Must Read

Steve Earle
The Low Highway

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Earth Unaware / Orson Scott Card / Ender's Troubles And How It All Began

Orson Scott Card'sEarth Unaware
Reveals the beginning of The Formic Wars
Long before Ender Wiggin
This chronicles the arrival of the Formics

Co-Authoring the book, Aaron Johnston
I usually whine about "Co-Authors"
Not This Time
Aaron Johnston has hit a Home-Run

Life of the asteroid miners
Brilliantly depicted
Characters and culture, fully and richly human
Villainous Corporates, also human (how fresh)

I have never been able to read past Ender's Game
Not for lack of trying, just couldn't find the gear cog
Could not engage

The characters in Earth Unaware
Fully engaged me
Read it through in Four Wheel Drive

A number of authors have been releasing series prequels
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. with the Imager Portfolio Series
David Weber taking his Honor Harrington Series
Personally, I like to know how it all began

Music going back to the beginning
Aaron Neville
My True Story

She Returns From War / Lee Collins / Cora Oglesby Fights The Good Fight

Victoria Dawes has lost her parents
Things went bump in the night
Vengeance is her singular thought
Cora Oglesby may be her only hope (book 1)
Cora kills things that go bump in the night
Victoria needs to kill such things

Victoria Dawes may be a "lady"
Born high on the English food chain
Victoria is no weakling
Victoria has no quit in her
She does not fear the next step
She has purpose in life

How do I explain these books?
Cowboy Fantasy does not say enough
Cowboy Urban Fantasy just sounds wrong
The elements of Urban Fantasy are present
The elements of a Western are present
Cowboy Up, Read the books

She Returns From War
Cora Oglesby, Book two
Lee Collins tells a good story!

Maybe the best of the bloodline
Since the one, the only, Hank
Holly Williams
The Highway