Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Office Of Mercy / Ariel Djanikian / Intelligent Engrossing Dystopic America

Ariel Djanikian is on my watch list
The Office of Mercy, rang my bell
The language is well beyond brilliant
George Orwell, give the woman a nod

Natasha works in the Office of Mercy
She and her team mates Grant Mercy
The nomadic people are systematically "Swept"
Systematically Granted Mercy

Natasha lives in America-Five
Underground and domed
Protected from the environment
Protected from the savages

Natasha meets the savages
Natasha is conflicted
Beautifully paced
Beautifully developed

The ending
Too soon
Will there be more
One can hope

New Music
Eric Clapton
Old Sock

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