Thursday, May 16, 2013

Earth Unaware / Orson Scott Card / Ender's Troubles And How It All Began

Orson Scott Card'sEarth Unaware
Reveals the beginning of The Formic Wars
Long before Ender Wiggin
This chronicles the arrival of the Formics

Co-Authoring the book, Aaron Johnston
I usually whine about "Co-Authors"
Not This Time
Aaron Johnston has hit a Home-Run

Life of the asteroid miners
Brilliantly depicted
Characters and culture, fully and richly human
Villainous Corporates, also human (how fresh)

I have never been able to read past Ender's Game
Not for lack of trying, just couldn't find the gear cog
Could not engage

The characters in Earth Unaware
Fully engaged me
Read it through in Four Wheel Drive

A number of authors have been releasing series prequels
L. E. Modesitt, Jr. with the Imager Portfolio Series
David Weber taking his Honor Harrington Series
Personally, I like to know how it all began

Music going back to the beginning
Aaron Neville
My True Story

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