Monday, May 21, 2012

Harry Potter For Adults

I read something that spurred me to look for a book
The Magicians by Lev Grossman
It was in the fiction collection
It is now in the SF collection
So glad I stopped and read the book
Harry Potter for adults, I was told
I can't agree more

At one point
An emotional trigger
Stopped me cold
Had to put the book down for the day
The story is well told
The prose carry weight
The Magician King is on my short list to read

Here's some Blues that carry some weight
2011 release by Rory Block
Shake 'em on down: a tribute to Mississippi Fred McDowell

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Did It, I Read My First Graphic Novel

I put it off for a long time
I wanted to be mature
Old enough to appreciate it
I'm so glad I waited
The Advance Team
Written by Will Pfeifer
Illustrated by German Torres

Graphic Novels are fast
No time is wasted with laborious reading
Just the bubbles mam, Just the bubbles
The reader has to create, much
The emotional content of the characters
Their intellectual head space
If there is to be, much
The reader has to provide it
Surmising, much, from the graphics and bubbles
This can be enjoyable
Or you can leave it be
Read from, The Shallows, as it were

About the book
I enjoyed the story
I'm a sucker for pizza delivery guys
Hiro Protagonist (The Deliverator) in Snow Crash
Hiro will always be number one on my list, always
Zac is constantly getting stiffed for tips
Chump Change is his daily bread
Thank God Vic, the counter girl, is aggressive
Zac would never have gotten anywhere alone
Vic is a lofty goal for poor tongue tied Zac
Vic had to take initiative again and again
I liked the girl
The world needs more Vics
The world needed saving
Zac, got the job

Music for the modern world
Drive-By Truckers
Ugly Buildings, Whores and Politicians:  
Greatest Hits 1998-2009 

I Am Spooked, Always Have Been; I Am Paranoid, Always Will Be

Ken MaCleod has me wound up and jinky
The Night Sessions is responsible
Sentient robots, God, Faith Wars and more, much more
Flashed be back to 1963
Asimov's; I Robot
Asimov's, "Three Laws of Robots", is out the door
My head kept racing ahead of the story
The story never caught me
It went somewhere else. Gadzooks!
Surprise, Surprise, I was Surprised
Again and Again
What fun, What fun!
Easy as this book is to read
This book will evoke some heady thinking
This book will burn some of your calories
Full bodied folk like me
Will see this book as the thinking man's diet

New to the collection and my ears
The Whole Love by Wilco