Monday, February 8, 2010

I've Been Reading

Not every thing I read is Science Fiction and Fantasy.
I love many (all) of the other fiction collections in the library.
In December I noticed a title. It caught my eye.
Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk.
I stopped and read the reviews, quite favorable.
I requested a copy be purchased for the library.
When it arrived I gave it to my wife. She disappeared.
Closing the book and arriving back in the family
she says “One of the ten best ever!”.
This is not idle chit chat. Quickly I ask “In the
realm of Carry Me Like Water by Benjamin Saenz?”
“Oh yes.” She says.
My turn with the book. I quietly disappear.
Upon my return I am in love again.
I love my wife. I love my family. I love life itself.
I tell my wife, “One of the ten best ever!”
So, I don’t always read SF n’F.and I can’t not
share the good news when something good happens.
Waiting for Columbus satisfies.

I was running the shelves the other day and noticed
how pretty (“distinct,” guys) the covers on the
Starship series by Mike Resnick looked.
They have been around a while but I grabbed one anyway.
I needed some candy. I was shaking like a junky.
I wanted some Space Opera. I wanted something fun.
BINGO! In spades.
I’m on book three; mind you I’m always reading
two or three other books and pick up the candy
when the heavy thought lifting wears me down.
Thank goodness for the candy.