Monday, July 29, 2013

Ramez Naam / Crux / Nano-Technology, Proto-Humans, Our Imminent Future?

Ramez Naam introduced the nano tech in Nexus (post)
Teased, enticed and frightened the reader
Drew us into a riveting story
With Crux, it just gets better

Intrigue gathers complexity to its side
(the plot thickens)
Positive and negative aspects of Nexus
How can we live without it
How can we live with it

Unfortunately / Fortunately some die
Fortunately / Unfortunately some do not

How would living be
Knowing the thoughts of others
What becomes of the nefarious
The cheats, The greedy

Nexus poses a few problems
Considering the state of development
We should put our thinking caps on
With Nexus we could all think together

Mr Naam also writes Non-Fiction
A bringer of hope in an age of cynicism
The infinite resource : the power of ideas on a finite planet

Thinking is a good thing
Reading Ramez Naam is a good thing

New music to the library
Long on my internal play list
Timeless song writing
John Prine
John Prine (c)1971