Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ramez Naam / Nexus / More Than Human / The Future Is Right Behind Us

Angry Robot gave me my first ARC
Advanced Reading Copy
I felt quite Special

It was the book, Nexus, that was Special
Hard Science Fiction
Near future, nano infested, very Special, bliss

Some young grad students
Create a nano based drug
Making Human, More Than Human

Much like the ability to Grok
Ramez Naam does not use Heinlein's word
The results are startling

Don't know about Grok
The ability to be one with another
To be one with many, with "all"

Think Vulcan Mind Meld
On a really big scale
Add computers

What would Robert A. Heinlein do
He did it in Stranger In A Strange Land

More Important
What would Ramez Naam do
He would take us on a wild wonderful ride

Good guys against bad guys
Good governments against bad governments
Scratch that, There Are No Good Governments

The dilemma
To give it to the world
Hope for the best

Let the governments have it
A hyper oppressive weapon
Mind control is but one of the derivatives

Read at your own risk
Your brain will do a big spin up
Edgy; Edgy Is A Good Thing

Get your radar out
Acquire Ramez Naam
Lock On, And Read

Do not miss the information at the back of the book.
Mr Ramez is a very bright fellow
He explains the current state of brain science
The science in the book is not the great leap we think
We sometimes find the future right behind us

About the music today
Yes, I just posted it in early October
I'm putting it up again
If you like singer songwriter genus
You do not want to miss this guy
"Household Name" comes to mind
John Fullbright
From the Ground UP
This weeks obsessive play
Track 2 Jericho

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