Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stormdancer / The Lotus War, Book 1 / Jay Kristoff / Steampunk In Historic Japan

Jay Kristoff has opened The Lotus War
With a Bang reverberating in my head
Stormdancer, book 1, has it all
(I paraphrase)
Japan, Mythos, Steampunk, Strong Fem Protagonist

What more could a boy ask for
Young Yukiko, coming of age
In the most difficult times
Humanity on the brink
Society and Ecology in full collapse

Life teetering on a wave crest
Derived of an economy of drugs
Greed and Avarice the watch words
Depravity of mind, body and soul the norm
Yukiko's nature, always rising

The Glorious Thunder Tiger
Half Eagle, Half Tiger
Staunch and Steadfast
Myth Written in Stone
Yet, willing, begrudgingly, to learn with Yukiko

Heroic Myth
Epic Fantasy
Writ Large
Fresh Canvas

Nose to the stone Mr Kristoff
Tell the story
Your readers will grow
The story must be told
I Want More, Please

New music at the library
The Avett Brothers
The Carpenter

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