Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Claire O'Dell / A Study In Honor / A Very Well Crafted Mystery

Bottom Line
An Engrossing Story ***Well Told***

Diversity anyone?
A little bit of everything

The characters?
You want to know them
You want to know more about them

How veterans were treated
After the New Civil War
Dr. Janet Watson is black
She lost her arm in the war
Her new mechanical arm is junk
Refurbished, incapable of surgical intricacies
She is put to work far below her capabilities

Veterans are dying, one by one
Big pharma is hiding something
Dr. Watson is curious
Her new roommate, covert agent Sara Holmes
An unusual person
Danger is afoot

I Highly Recommend This Book
A Study in Honor (The Janet Watson Chronicles)
Claire O'Dell, AKA, Beth Bernobich

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Martha Wells / 4 Separate Novellas / The Murderbot Diaries / Rocked Me

Having read the first novella
All Systems Red
I could not order and read
Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol,and Exit Strategy
Fast enough to pleas me

Martha Wells wrapped me up
Put a knot in the bow
And would not let go
I was ***All-In*** All The Way

The premise was simple enough
Security Bot (mostly machine, some human)
Breaks it's own control code
Goes 'rogue'
But, but, but, but
Has a growing emphatic sense of self
Understands, to some degree,
The needs of humans
Wants to help

The slow, but unflinching
Growth of it's self
Wonderfully portrayed
The corporate heavies
E V I L dastards to the core

I will say no more
Terrific Space Opera

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Christina Dalcher / Vox / Channeling Margaret Atwood 2018 / Christian Caliphate In America

Christina Dalcher delivers the goods
Vox is a 2018 spin on A Handmaid's Tale
This new Christian Caliphate uses technology
The women must be kept in their place
Women are allowed one hundred words a day
We average over fifteen thousand

This is a simply told tale
With Big Ideas to Consider

Family dynamics
School children come home indoctrinated
A mother watches her oldest son ---buy in---
Her young daughter, beaming, awarded for silence
Her husband, going along, following orders

This is the Science Fiction Dystopia
We all need to consider
This is Social Science Fiction doing it's job

Place a Hold on the book Here

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Nora Roberts / Year One / Magical Dystopia

Not a story I expected from Nora Roberts
Quite happy she wrote the story
The near future is my biggest ponder/fear
Always looking for different a spin
What kind of world will we leave the youg

Year One begins with a pandemic
Killing only humans, most humans
Of the remaining, Some have changed
Witches, Faeries, other Fae....
Good and Bad
Of the Dark, Of the Light

Babies are born
The baby, The One, is on the way
How will the new world be
A land of the Evil Dark
A land of the Loving Light
As it has always been

Book 2, Of Blood and Bone
Will arrive in December
The characters have engaged me
I wait

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Daniel Jose Older / Shadowshaper / Fantastic YA Fantasy / New Magic

Daniel Jose Older rocks
With his use of language
Total cultural immersion

Shadowshaper will engage you
A young ‎Puerto Rican woman
Always painting something
Proud of her heritage
Proud of her wild hair
No, you can't

Wondrous build of a magic system
A protagonist to care about
Someone you want to spend time with

Lots and lots of praise
A Top Ten YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults Selection
A Top Ten ALA Quick Pick
A Kirkus Prize Finalist
An Andre Award Nominee
A New York Times Notable Children's Book
An NPR Best Book of the Year
A Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year

Annalee Newitz / Autonomous / Amazing New Thinking / Delightful Writing

Annalee Newitz co-founded io9.
Her first novel is amazing
Autonomous re-thinks everything

AI robots are expensive to produce
Humans, not so much

Robots indentured to humans
Humans indentured to Robots
It gets even messier

Underlying current of the story?
Drug patents
Who can and can't afford meds
Who can hack patented meds
Produce them cheap for the poor

Free thinking hackers
Human and not
Hard working law personnel
Human and not

Who falls in love with who
Ya never know

All brilliantly written by an edgy Annalee
Attention holder, start to finish