Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Claire O'Dell / A Study In Honor / A Very Well Crafted Mystery

Bottom Line
An Engrossing Story ***Well Told***

Diversity anyone?
A little bit of everything

The characters?
You want to know them
You want to know more about them

How veterans were treated
After the New Civil War
Dr. Janet Watson is black
She lost her arm in the war
Her new mechanical arm is junk
Refurbished, incapable of surgical intricacies
She is put to work far below her capabilities

Veterans are dying, one by one
Big pharma is hiding something
Dr. Watson is curious
Her new roommate, covert agent Sara Holmes
An unusual person
Danger is afoot

I Highly Recommend This Book
A Study in Honor (The Janet Watson Chronicles)
Claire O'Dell, AKA, Beth Bernobich

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