Thursday, October 18, 2018

Martha Wells / 4 Separate Novellas / The Murderbot Diaries / Rocked Me

Having read the first novella
All Systems Red
I could not order and read
Artificial Condition, Rogue Protocol,and Exit Strategy
Fast enough to pleas me

Martha Wells wrapped me up
Put a knot in the bow
And would not let go
I was ***All-In*** All The Way

The premise was simple enough
Security Bot (mostly machine, some human)
Breaks it's own control code
Goes 'rogue'
But, but, but, but
Has a growing emphatic sense of self
Understands, to some degree,
The needs of humans
Wants to help

The slow, but unflinching
Growth of it's self
Wonderfully portrayed
The corporate heavies
E V I L dastards to the core

I will say no more
Terrific Space Opera

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