Saturday, April 20, 2013

Martha Wells / Emilie & The Hollow World / Lyra, Y.T., Katniss; meet Emilie / Heroines All

There are heroines in SF&F that grab you and shake you
Lyra from Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials
Y.T. from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash
Katniss from Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy

Meet Emilie from Martha Wells'
Emilie & the Hollow World
This book is, for reader's like me, a Show Stopper
The world fades and, The Hollow World, is
You are in the company of Emilie
Nothing else exists

I have an eight year old daughter
As she ages and the books fit
I want her to read about these young women
I want her to know that a young woman
Can grow up with a compassionate heart
And, have the grit to walk the world

I am not going to say a thing
Emilie & the Hollow World
Deserves SelfDiscovery
Open your mind
Open your heart
Get to know Emilie

Martha Wells, Strange Chemistry
Thank You!
Take your bows

Music new to the library
A young woman with grit and a compassionate heart
Selah Sue
Selah Sue (c) 2011

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Lives of Tao / Wesley Chu / A Screamer

Hey World!
"So listen up buster, and listen up good" J.P.
You really want to read this book

The Lives of Tao by Wesley Chu
Will have you screaming, laughing, cringing, crying
Looking over your shoulder and under the bed...
Your heart will pitter-patter at the prospect of love
You get the idea
This book does it all

My brain was on fire, start to finish
Poor sloven, slacker, unappreciated... IT guy, Roen Tan
Wakes up with a voice in his head, He is not crazy
Two protagonists, one body
The book just gets better and better

The other guy, Tao, is an Ancient Alien
What More Could You Ask For?
An Ancient Flipping Alien, Good Grief!
This book explains everything
Wars, Science, Religion, Tai Chi... Everything
Mr. Chu delivers. Haunting questions are answered

Think of an accolade, Stamp it on this book
They all fit, The bases are covered
This is Mighty Fine Science Fiction
The really good news
Another book is in the works

I guess if I'm going to quote John Prine
A line from his song, Dear Abby
From his 1971 debut album, John Prine
We will have it soon, here is one we do have
Fair & Square (c) 2005

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Six-Gun Tarot / R. S. Belcher / A Riviting Genre Mash Up / SF&F Steampunk Western

R. S. Belcher has written a beaut
The Six-Gun Tarot packs a wallop
The story is as layered as a bag of corn tortillas
Science, Religion, Magic, Sociology, Mythos... name it

All the players, human and not so human
Well conceived, complex, dynamic
All the plot twists, and there are many
Well delineated, yet convoluted

The story at heart
A young man's heart
Riddled with guilt
Coming to grips, with a little help

Loaded with violence
Good Fighting Evil
Loaded with tenderness
In the midst of chaos

I love first novels
I love first record albums
The crafter at their rawest
A glimpse of their soul

Thank you Mr Belcher
Such a thought provoking
Heart string pulling
Beautiful Story

New Music
Posted for my wonderful wife
The Mavericks
In Time

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

M. C. Planck / The Kassa Gambit / Thriller!

A Freighter Captain: Prudence Falling
A Double Agent: Lt. Kyle Daspar
A Pugnacious Politician: Dejae

A Space Opera
A Thriller
A Political Novel

A Terrific Protagonist
A Conflicted Cohort
A Paranoia Producing Politician

This is more than a good story
It will trigger some thinking
Fear and Loathing may be emoted

This is what Science Fiction does so well
False Background, Contemporary Problems
Aha, Enlightenment

All of the above, in a compelling story
The Kassa Gambit by M. C. Planck
I'm hoping for more form the Captain and her cohort
I've become very fond of the good people in this story

Psychedelic Pill
Neil Young with Crazy Horse