Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Can Not Stay Away From YA

Having read David Weber for years
And totally enjoying the Honor Harrington series
Start with On Basilisk Station you won't look back
What a treat to find him entering the YA fray

Book one of the Star Kingdom novels A Beautiful Friendship
Gives the back story to Honor Harrington's family
The story is that of young Stephanie Harrington
Stephanie is the first to encounter the sentient alien "treecats"
The first to make a psychic bond with a treecat

There are many lessons for both young and old readers here
I shudder to think what our first encounter will be like

As a young man I bought all the LPs I could find
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee were treasures
New to our collection Backwater Blues
Recorded live at Sugar Hill 1961
Recorded and mastered with loving care
This is the best they have ever sounded to me
The dynamics of instruments and vocals are amazing
Traditional Blues at its very best

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Action, Action And More Action, Gotta Love YA

Lorien Legacies book two
The Power of Six
by Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes)
Is loaded for bear with action

(Why is James Frey ringing bells?
A Million Little Pieces (A Million Little Lies)
Can't deny his ability to tell a good story)

Book one, I Am Number Four
Set everything up and ended with a Bang
The Power of Six opens fast
Introduces more players, more perils
More Numbers, some dying
The bad aliens are moving in, fast and violent
But for the Grace of God
They have to kill the Lorien in numerical order
Sam and Number Four, literally
Take a walk into Alien Hell

New music in the library
with an apropos song
Smells Like Teen Spirit (radio edit) (track 17)
Outside Society (remastered) woo hoo
by Patti Smith, beat poet attitude on a CD
Only two of the tracks are "radio edit"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Water, Can't Live Without It

The Last Stormlord made me thirst
Glenda Larke has something going here
My co-worker said "It took me a while to get into it"
I was a goner after a few pages
The world and society building, very smart
It relates to our life and times
The characters are in constant conflict
With themselves and with others
The power hungry and greedy are pervasive (what's new?)
The story is built around the extremes of limited water
Nothing short of a clear eyed vision of things to come
Potable water is a finite commodity
We can't live without it
Interesting and fresh magics
Tried and true politics
Good story telling
Book two, Stormlord Rising
Is in the hand of a co-worker
I think she is intentionally slow
Denying me my gratification
I thirst mightily 
I want to know what's coming
I want to know yesterday
I need a slacking quaff of prose
Series title, just what you'd think

I can hardly contain myself
Been waiting for this CD impatiently
It is delicious!
So worth the wait
Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Here We Rest
Jason is a former member of Drive-By Truckers
I am so glad he stepped aside to offer his own work
Alt-Country, Americana at its best
Lyrics, nothing short of genius

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Put The World On Pause For Two Days

Virgil Flowers has a new case
Virgil was just being himself, edgy
Thinking about fishing
Wearing great T-shirts
John Sandford was just being himself
Writing books much better than most
Literate comes to mind
Virgil's sensitive side came to the fore
Made me like him even more
The mad bomber was brilliant
Virgil tried something new
Virgil was Brilliant
And went home alone
Shock Wave

On the Sci-Fi side
Just finished The Digital Plague
Jeff Somers can write shootouts
His character Avery Cates
A noir head case (this is a positive statement)
MW Dictionary suggest Bleak and Sleazy
I'm game, Bleak and Sleazy it is
Avery has a penchant for violence
Not quite, "ruthless killer"
Wanton killer comes to mind
The Plague?
A new spin on nano technology
Fast, Fun, Gritty, Violent!
I learned I had read book 2
It stood alone quite well
I will be dipping back to the first
And moving on the the newer ones
Avery Cates, interesting guy
Lots of Attitude

Not so main stream, main stream
Some attitude, some sensitivity
Lots of Content
Brad Paisley
Time Well Wasted

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hard Nosed Noir Alt-History

Hard Magic by Larry Correia is a treat
Book 1 of the Grimnoir Chronicles
Occurring in early mid 19th Century America
Many of the major players of the day are mentioned
Their history is Alt, and entertaining
Gist of the story is
Jake Sulliven, a Heavy, is upset
He is having a lot of bad days
He will not stop until what needs fixing is fixed
Very entertaining and varied magicks

Political enemies and alliances are fluid
The Imperium (Japan) is powerful
And behaving badly
The "new" weaponry is imaginative
Tesla's work is the alt-science baseline
Page burning escapist fun
I look forward to more

Music to fit the mood
Glenn Miller
The best of The lost recordings

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Needed Some Candy; Found It; Sated; Baited

Deus Ex: Icarus Effect did just what I needed
Faded away into story land
Violence, Weapons, Augmented Bodies
What more could I ask for
Big Konspiracy (sic) of course
The Illuminati, nothing less
What fun, What fun!
Very Good Story Telling
Two characters with admirable ethics
Complexities of we broken; mending humans
James Swallow
Writer, Scriptwriter, Gaming stuff
Knowing this, the book was better than expected
My "negative gaming cognitive effect"
It's personal (I read, I read, I read)
Time;  Make Time, Make Time, Make Time
Soylent Green on my brain
I must get over it
My sister sent my 7 yr old a DS lite
E gads! she's gaming
I must get over it
It's 2011, I need to embrace the present
We will be buying more James Swallow
I need my candy

Music at the moment
Lucinda Williams
Alejandro Escovedo
Real Animal

Monday, September 19, 2011

Another Very Positive Adventure To The Young Adult Shelves

Someone recommended Graceling recently
Kristin Cashore delivered the goods
Everyone I mentioned it to said
Oh, Fire is even better
I am now cruising through Fire
Good reading
The magic manifests uniquely
The characters have depth
The plotting keeps me hopping
Fire seems to be a sequel but
A series may be in the making
One can hope

p.s. Just finished Fire
No running in the Library
But get to YA and enjoy!

The Doors
Live in Vancouver, 1970
17 minutes 55 seconds of Light My Fire
17 minutes 57 seconds of The End

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper Continues To Satisfy

Full Share kept me turning pages with ease
Nathan Lowell is so good at what he is doing
Full Share continues the story of a young man
Booted from a Corporate Planet when his mom died
Landing a job on a space freighter
He learns to be of service to his ship and crew
You can not help but like the guy
You leave each book wanting to know more
The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper or Solar Clipper series
I can hardly wait for Double Share, coming soon
I hope

Emmylou Harris
All I Intended To Be

Three slow deep breaths

Monday, September 12, 2011

Heart Of Iron Seduced Me

Ekaterina Sedia grabbed my mind
The book would not let go
Heart of Iron is a total genre mash-up
First and foremost, Steampunk
Heady alt history espionage thriller
And so much more
It all happens in Tsarist Russia
The Decembrists have started the unstoppable
Change can not always be controlled
The young fem Noble finds strength
Her accomplices are many and varied
The language feels just right for the era
Great fun!

Appropriately named group for the music
The King is Dead
The Hazards of Love
Enjoy it all


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brave And Violent New Genre / Bugpunk

Kameron Hurley is not a squeamish writer
God's War is something very new
Steam does not run this civialization
Bugs are the powerhouse here
Bugs run everything, lights, cars, magic...
This story does not flinch
Diversity of proclivities rules the day
If you tread lightly, don't tread here
The societal setting is very Near Eastern
Muslim oppressors rule the lands
The war between states has no foreseeable end
Men are utterly, completely, totally disposable
The strong female protagonist has much to learn
I could not put it aside
The lessons of war were so well played
The well envisioned and built world
Gave a clear pallet to see what was to be seen
The wages of war were clearly muddled

Something new to you in music
Jimmie Dale Gilmore / Come On Back
Jimmy with his pal, Joe Ely, cover some notables
The pun was so not intended, I'm leaving it (sic)


Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Have Lost Sleep / I Am Dread / I Am Foreboding / I Am Not Happy

Directive 51 scared me silly
Too plausible, Too possible, Too scary
I love apocalyptic stories
Can't get enough of, the end
How will we go down
How will we behave
I now know one more possible way
I am struck dumb
John Barnes
Directive 51, fraught with fear and foreboding
Don't miss it, Don't miss the Daybreak novels
The sequel, Daybreak Zero is available
It's not just about rebuilding
It's not over
It's a big mess and getting messier
There may be no end to Daybreak
Time and good story telling will tell, I hope

Music with an apropos title
Steve Earle
I'll Never Get Out OF This World Alive

Monday, August 8, 2011

Billed As Space Opera, Read Like Very, Very Good Hard Science Fiction

Publishers, go figure, what are they thinking?
Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey is so good
The publisher splashed a big quote across the book
"It's been too long since we've had a really kickass space opera"
-George R. R. Martin"
The story is so much more than k/a space opera
This book may be operatic, but it's loaded with Hard SF
It's loaded with science
How and Where we are going to live
The politics and social dynamic of how we will live
And so much more
Bottom Line: A Blistering Read

Music worth mentioning a second time
I suspect you did not listen to it
Robbie Robertson / How To Become Clairvoyant
You can thank me later, or not

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Wife Took My Book

I had just set down my book
Eon: Dragoneye Reborn by Alison Goodman
It disappeared in a blink of the eye
My wife had watched me read the book
I had said nothing, I'm always reading
She must have noticed my absence
I wasn't gone long, But I was, long gone
Total immersion
The family all but ceased to exist
My wife, and the book disappeared
This does not happen often
She returned to the family smiling 
We had something in common
A good book!

What's the story?
Strong young fem protagonist
An ancient Oriental setting
And a seriously diverse cast of characters
It's shelved down in the Young Adult collection
Take the elevator, take the stairs
But, take the trip

Music of the moment
Robert Johnson (1911 - 1938)
Robert Johnson - The Complete Recordings
41 songs (12 are alternate takes of his 29 compositions)
Digitally remastered by someone who cared
Absolutely astounding!
I feel like a smiling man with a bad reputation
Guilty pleasures

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Druids And A Brilliant Prey Novel

The minute I put Hounded down I picked up Hexed
This is great summer fun by Kevin Hearne
The Iron Druid Chronicles keeps me smiling
Poor Atticus is Hexed by some bad witches
He abhors witches, he loathes witches
Unfortunately, or fortunately
He has to work with some "good witches"
It's a relative term, taken with a pinch of salt no doubt

John Sandford's latest Prey Novel, #21, is a bell ringer
Buried Prey tolls for me
(pardon me, too slow getting my hands off the keyboard)
Yes, I know it's not SF and F, but this one, Whew!
This novel warps time and gives us the back story
Things we did not know about Davenport
A glimpse of his first trip through the tulips
Off with the uniform
On with the best threads his budget can afford
Temporary assignment as a detective
"What a bright boy am I", says Davenport to himself
What a bright boy he is
If you have never read Sandford
Start at the beginning
Read Rules of Prey, 1989
Some of the best character development ever
Not one, not one, of his stories will let you down

New to the library
Music worth listening to

Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan 1966
Dylan devoted one whole side,
of this original double LP, to one (1) song
Sad Eyed Lady of the Low Lands 11 min.19 sec
Unheard of at the time

Music From the North Country;
The Jayhawks Anthology, Jayhawks
This band was early in the genera, Alt-Country
Music with content


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Esurient For Summer Reads? Grab A Plate

Kevin Hearne is standing on a tall pedestal
Hounded, book one of The Iron Druid Chronicles
Young Atticus O'Sullivan, twenty one
Is really the last Druid alive
His real age, well, he is very very very old
Sidohachan O'Suileabhain has seen it all
There are Gods still roaming the earth
and plenty of Demons, Ghouls, Witches and the like
Atticus has a plethora of enemies
And a few very important and powerful friends
Werewolves and Vampires for starters
The book is laden with humor
Not a little of which
His dialogue in mind speak
With his Irish Wolf Hound, Oberon
The pages will fly
Time will pass you by
Why didn't the publisher publish in hardback?
Same thing I thought after reading Brent Weeks
Those of you as enthralled with The Night Angel Trilogy
Will wonder as much, which reminds me
We need new copies of The Night Angel Trilogy
You've warn them weary
I'll get on it
Book two, Hexed is already here
Currently in my paws
Book three will probably hit the stacks in later July

Music, Something Old and Timeless
New to our collection
Neil Young
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, 1969

Don't miss this one!

Strange And Wonderful Science Fiction

Heads Up and Woo Hoo!
You can now get Blog update email notification
Just fill in the wizard in the right column

I now understand all the buzz in the press
The Quantum Thief delivers
Hannum Rajaniemi is an imaginative fellow
I was not over worked keeping up
I did have to pay attention
But, that was easy, I was totally immersed
The protagonist begins the story in prison
A very very bazaar prison
His removal from said prison is cunning
Arriving on a, yet imagined, future Mars is straight forward
The city is not straight forward
Layers and layers of power struggle and manipulation
The finish left me with satisfied anticipation
What are the true dynamics of freedom
Who are we? Which are we?
The Universe has a new author to watch

Former lead guitar for The Band
Robbie Robertson
Music made collaborating with Eric Clapton
Many great guitar players featured
How To Become Clairvoyant
Don't miss it

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lauren Beukes Maintains Ownership

Zoo City kept me turning the pages
Lauren Beukes' Zoo City has a different impact
Moxyland floored me, Ironed me flat
Zoo City entertained
Kept me curiouser and curiouser
By the end, I was sated
It was time to close the book
More to come? I sure hope so
Zoo City does not have the linguistic flash
Moxyland ruled my world
Zoo City's young fem protagonist wraps you up
You want to know more
Maybe not get too close
Think Edgy Urban Fantasy Procedural
Or not, but think something

Emmylou Harris
Hard Bargain

Monday, June 20, 2011

Pure SteamPunk / Dazzling

I like Steampunk
Admittedly I didn't notice it until
The Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling
I paid closer attention after that
Tim Akers has just dazzled me
The purest, no genera wash, pure Steampunk
Heart of Veridon kept me up late
Took every spare minute of the days in hand
Left me chomping for a bit
Hoping to reign my impatience in
Book two is in the works and will arrive soon
E gads, what a read! Whew!

Music you too, might have missed
The Decemberists
The Hazards of Love and The King is Dead

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Lost Fleet Heads Into The Deep Dark

Jack Campbell writes enjoyable space opera
His, The Lost Fleet series gets a new subtitle
It's getting ridiculously long
The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier: Dreadnaught
Okay,    Series Title:     Sub-Series Title:     Title
Jack?  Publisher?  Publisher?  Jack?
Somebody is a little title happy
I'm sure glad the author continues
With good pacing and enjoyable stories
Multidimensional characters
Space Candy, Yummy

New Music just in the library
Steve Winwood
Revolutions: the very best of Steve Winwood
If you were to throw the parts of my brain
That contain Steve Winwood memories
Into a Veg-O-Matic, and then let it sit for a day
The Skim Cream would result in this CD
It's brilliant. It's the songs I want to hear
Starting with two cuts from his early teens
with The Spencer Davis Group; I'm A Man
His influence on the group was overwhelming
Three or four cuts from Traffic
Starting with my All Time Favorite Song
Forty Thousand Headmen
Several more from Blind Faith
and finishing with some newer music
Fondest memory; all but leaning on his B3
The Family Dog, Denver, Co 1969
Eric Clapton standing right there in front of me
Skinny little Ginger Baker in the back on the drums
Chills run up my spine thinking about it.
I was young and dumb, they owned me


Monday, June 13, 2011

Half Share By Nathan Lowell Does Not Miss A Beat

Somewhere in one of the books
Perhaps an interview with Nathan Lowell on the web
The author explained his motive in writing
Trader's Tales from The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper
It made perfect sense.
His aim is not to boldly go somewhere
But, to capture life on a space freighter
It's not about aliens
This is not about saving the Universe

It's about saving one another, about being human.
Quarter Share thrilled me
Its simplicity and story telling absolutely captivating
Half Share seamlessly continues the story
I had a free weekend and wasted no time
Reading every word, pausing at every comma
Landing satisfied at the finish.
In the Deep Dark, on a Solar Clipper
Crew is Family

Salt of the earth story
Salt of the earth music
Levon Helm (of The Band)
Dirt Farmer 2007
Electric Dirt 2009

Monday, May 23, 2011

Revolution World; Si-Fi / Urban Fantasy Blend For The Libertarian

Katy Stauber knocked my socks off with this one
Revolution World is a bigger than Texas, Texas story
There is a little something for everyone here
Gaming, Genetic Engineering, Vampires
Arrogant Homeland Security and Military types
An enjoyable love story
What more could you ask for?
No heavy lifting here, but lots of fun!

Texas story, Grassy music
Allison Krauss & Union Station
Paper Airplane
Allison Krauss is quite the story
Started winning fiddle contests at age 10
Signed with a record label at age 14
And where oh where did that voice come from?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stop What You Are Doing And Read This Book!

Social Science Fiction at its best
The human condition In Your Face
Hidden on a false background

Moxyland is so #@!$%^&*
Lauren Beukes owns me!
What a frenzy to read
The language will find its way
Our lexicon will change, no doubt about it!
You want to know about terrorism?
You want to know your place in the world?
This book is so sneaky
I thought I was reading a very hip book
I felt like I was out there on the edge of hipness
"Kinda Hear, Kinda Now, Kinda Hip, Kinda Wow!"
(Thank you Frank Zappa)
I was so wrapped and rapt up in this read.
I did not see it coming

You must read the afterword
Titled "Stem Cells" "Extra"
Anything you may have missed
Will be illuminated

I am totally creeped!


Lost Gate Is So Much More Than Some Of The "Critics" Said

Thank goodness for book reviewers
They help in picking a books
Thank goodness I often don't listen
Thank you, I'll make my own mind up
Perhaps my mind is making me up
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, ya gotta love it

The Lost Gate is a great opener for the series
The Mithermages by Orson Scott Card
The young lad is an outcast among his people
He has no magic
The obvious arrives
He is a Gate Mage
On the run and being hunted
His own people, no less
Want to put him down like a broken dog
Fun Fun Fun!

Been stressed for time to write
Will try to find more time
Much to talk about

Music in my grateful psyche
Lucinda Williams newest

Awash amid anxiety, angst and acerbity
One foot in front of the other
Not looking over my shoulder
I abide


Nathan Lowell May Well Be Channeling Robert A Heinlein

Book one Quarter Share trips the light fantastic
The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper. Trader Tales Series
Nathan Lowell has captured my R.A.H. heart
Young teen suddenly orphaned
Must join a space ship crew to survive
The corporate planet has given him the boot
With a little help from the Union Hall he gets a job
Signs on with a solar clipper and works hard
Bright boy does good!

Music a must to hear, Wow!
Subdudes newest Flower Petals
A big step away from their "sound"
Feels like; Americana, Folk Rock, Alt-Country
Done from the heart
I'm totally sold and love it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Days In Fantasy Land; Blackveil Delivers

I thought all fantasy would fade to pale
After The Name of the Wind
I was wrong, of course
Blackveil by Kristen Britain
Fourth book of the Green Rider Series
The best of Britain's work to date
I have enjoyed the series immensely
The strong female protagonist, Karigan
Has the depth of character
The conflicted human condition we all know
Karigan has the strength to keep moving
In spite of her environs
In spite of herself
Readers of John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice Series
This one is also for you!

Music on my mind
Something you will have to go find
Alt-Country long before there was such a term
Sweetheart of the Rodeo by The Byrds 1968
It's worth clicking this link to the Wiki
Enjoy, if you find it.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thank The Stars For Friends And Fellow Readers

How in the world did I miss The Name of the Wind
Patrick Rothfuss has written a masterpiece
First published in 2007 and I just got the word
I have not enjoyed a fantasy this much since
Well since Brent Weeks', The Way of Shadows
One of my superiors, who's son I once advised
Thought I might enjoy The Name of the Wind
Winner of The Quill Award 2007
I did not like it. I loved it
Depth of characters
Breadth of story and plot
The prose, Oh the prose
The cadence, the pace, the lyricism
Hot Diggity Damner, Woo Hoo,

Book two, The Wise Man's Fear is now here
I await my turn with much toe tapping
Series title: The Kingkiller Chronicle
Wonderful new series (to me)

Deserves wonderful new music
Harlem River Blues by Steve's boy
Justin Townes Earle

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Pastiche Of Three Worthy Reads

Wish I had more time to write
It would be nice to flesh some books out a bit
The library is a hive in the full bloom of spring
Job security is a good thing in these troubling times

Starting with the page blitzing YA hit
I Am Number Four will not let you set the book down
Pittacus Lore, James Frey and Jobie Hughes, have a great idea
Their pacing and character development are not lacking
The boy and his keeper are constantly on the run
New names and new places are the norm
They live in eminent danger
The world is in eminent danger
Three are dead
The boy is number four

The movie got hit pretty hard by some critics
IMDB 6.5/10; Metacritic 36/100
The book is a little time well spent

We now have Jaine Fenn's third book of the Hidden Empire
I ordered Guardians of Paradise used from Amazon UK
The book is sadly lacking availability in the US
Little money and some time waiting well spent
I just had to keep going with this story
The characters are further developed
The suspense and danger, closer and bigger than ever
The author is a very good story teller
Her characters do not walk the road well trodden
I am eager the find out where this complicated story goes next

I returned to the Jon and Lobo series
I needed some opera to escape into
Well I disappeared, but I didn't escape
Children No More by Mark L. Van Name satisfied
Jon grew greatly in depth of character
I knew he was complicated and conflicted
I just didn't get the depth of his heart
Lobo, well, he's a machine, but he grew too

Cross Canadian Ragweed
If you haven't heard them, its time
Happiness And All The Other Things 2009
Mission California 2007


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mad Science, Cowboy Angels And A Second Ship In New Mexico

Walter Greatshell has my attention!
Mad Skills is a manic read
A delightful young girl suffers severe brain damage
Mad scientist embed a chip in her brain
And the excitement begins

Paul McAuley spins the multiverse relentlessly
Cowboy Angels had me thinking of the Grand Masters of yore
An America, one of many, has “Turning Gate” technology
They begin traveling to other Americas
Spreading the Great Democracy
Agents, Cowboy Angels, do the black ops
Subverting the other Americas, ours included
Action packed, Sublime pacing
Wondrous Quantum Physics
As good as Science Fiction gets!

Trips the light fantastic
Los Alamos, NM has in its lab, a UFO
They have been scrutinizing it for years
Trying to reverse engineer some useful technology
What they don’t know
There is a second ship
Found by three high school students
Much different from the ship in the lab
There is danger everywhere
Two, count them, two serial killers
Good Scientist, Bad Scientist
Good UFO, Bad UFO
And lying quietly at the heart of it all
An extraterrestrial war
Enough said,
Richard Phillips has something special going on here
Read and Enjoy

Space Odity & Ziggy Stardust; need I say more

Monday, February 7, 2011

Want The Usual Assassin Apprentice Story With The Happy Ending? Read No Further

Farlander, Col Buchanan’s first novel, was delectable
The characters are fully developed
The story is character driven
There is plenty of mayhem
But, it is not, just another Slash and Gash fantasy
There is no magic to speak of
The inhabitants of this tale are on their own
They must rely on intellect, skill, and heart

The sequel, or book two… which ever
Will be out this summer
I am waiting, I am ready to read
My foot is tapping with a little impatience


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Greg Bear Chills, Thrills And Enthralls This Old Dog

Taking the old premise
Sending humans from a dying (warring) Earth
In hopes of saving some remnant of humankind

The first character we meet
Is awakened some 500 years out
Something has gone wrong, very wrong
I’ll not spoil this book
You read, you discover
You burn the midnight oil
Hey! We’re Human
Not so good, not so bad
Bittersweet, I love Bittersweet

Speaking of Bittersweet
Listen to Bittersweet
Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams

Monday, January 24, 2011

N. K. Jemisin’s Second Book Stands Tall; Jack Campbell Writes Exemplary Space Opera

N. K. Jemisin did not bunt her second book
She Hit Another Home Run!
We learned about Sky
The city in The Tree where Gods are at beck and call
Now we learn about life around the roots
Gritty, Dangerous, Scheming, Conniving
Filled with Socio-Religious Machinations
Our new heroin Oree
A blind girl from a destroyed continent
Gifted with the ability to see Gods and Godlings
Among other things
And a compassionate heart
You can’t help but love the girl

I read and truly enjoy Space Opera
I’m now reading book three
Campbell just does it better
The characters have complexity
There is a distinct lack of
Repetitive drivel, alas, alack, O Woe…
The battles are well written
The prose, do not stumble
Thanks Jack!

Track Three, Downtown Babylon
Yes I’ve mentioned this before
It’s good enough to say it again!