Monday, March 14, 2011

A Pastiche Of Three Worthy Reads

Wish I had more time to write
It would be nice to flesh some books out a bit
The library is a hive in the full bloom of spring
Job security is a good thing in these troubling times

Starting with the page blitzing YA hit
I Am Number Four will not let you set the book down
Pittacus Lore, James Frey and Jobie Hughes, have a great idea
Their pacing and character development are not lacking
The boy and his keeper are constantly on the run
New names and new places are the norm
They live in eminent danger
The world is in eminent danger
Three are dead
The boy is number four

The movie got hit pretty hard by some critics
IMDB 6.5/10; Metacritic 36/100
The book is a little time well spent

We now have Jaine Fenn's third book of the Hidden Empire
I ordered Guardians of Paradise used from Amazon UK
The book is sadly lacking availability in the US
Little money and some time waiting well spent
I just had to keep going with this story
The characters are further developed
The suspense and danger, closer and bigger than ever
The author is a very good story teller
Her characters do not walk the road well trodden
I am eager the find out where this complicated story goes next

I returned to the Jon and Lobo series
I needed some opera to escape into
Well I disappeared, but I didn't escape
Children No More by Mark L. Van Name satisfied
Jon grew greatly in depth of character
I knew he was complicated and conflicted
I just didn't get the depth of his heart
Lobo, well, he's a machine, but he grew too

Cross Canadian Ragweed
If you haven't heard them, its time
Happiness And All The Other Things 2009
Mission California 2007


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