Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mad Science, Cowboy Angels And A Second Ship In New Mexico

Walter Greatshell has my attention!
Mad Skills is a manic read
A delightful young girl suffers severe brain damage
Mad scientist embed a chip in her brain
And the excitement begins

Paul McAuley spins the multiverse relentlessly
Cowboy Angels had me thinking of the Grand Masters of yore
An America, one of many, has “Turning Gate” technology
They begin traveling to other Americas
Spreading the Great Democracy
Agents, Cowboy Angels, do the black ops
Subverting the other Americas, ours included
Action packed, Sublime pacing
Wondrous Quantum Physics
As good as Science Fiction gets!

Trips the light fantastic
Los Alamos, NM has in its lab, a UFO
They have been scrutinizing it for years
Trying to reverse engineer some useful technology
What they don’t know
There is a second ship
Found by three high school students
Much different from the ship in the lab
There is danger everywhere
Two, count them, two serial killers
Good Scientist, Bad Scientist
Good UFO, Bad UFO
And lying quietly at the heart of it all
An extraterrestrial war
Enough said,
Richard Phillips has something special going on here
Read and Enjoy

Space Odity & Ziggy Stardust; need I say more

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