Sunday, September 20, 2015

James S. A. Corey / Nemesis Games / Brilliant, Engrossing, Captivating Back Stories / Best Of The Best / Space Opera

I hope you are already reading the Expanse series
This is The Space Opera of this moment in time
The SyFy Channel will be airing the new series soon
They say December

The first book owned me from the opening
The next four did not skip a beat

The character development is complete
Or so I thought
Book five, Nemesis Games, woke me up

The Rocinante goes in for repairs, lots of repairs
The four main characters scatter
All have their secrets
Secrets we did not know

Jim, Oh Captain my Captain
You didn't notice this stuff?
Okay, Okay, neither did I
We're a little dense
A little stubborn
Okay, a lot stubborn, very dense

What Were You Thinking?
How Could You?
Oh, How do you live with that?
What in Hell are you going to do?
What will they do?
Messy, Messy Messy
I'm with you, I understand, Keep Walking

Alex and Amos
My kind of "A" Team
And I thought I knew you

How could I love these characters any more?
Book 5, Nemesis Games, that's how
Back stories on the crew

James S. A. Corey, a pseudonym
Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck

Lindi Ortega
Faded Gloryville
Alt-Country, Americana, Canadiana

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paolo Bacigalupi / The Water Knife / Riveting Near Future Thriller

Paolo Bacigalupi owns our near future
It started with The Windup Girl
Along came his YA hit Ship Breaker
He has my undivided attention
Again in YA I devoured The Drowned Cities
Now another Adult SF The Water Knife, WoW

Bacigalupi is really hitting his stride
As the title suggests
It's all about the water
Who has the rights
What people are willing to do

The landscape and lives being lived
Lush or Bleak
There is no middle ground to speak of

With the current drought in South West
He placed the action right where it is
Action there is, lots of it
The pages fly

The characters
People to invest in
People to cheer for
Don't miss the new one
Don't miss any of the above

Béla Fleck & Abigail Washburn

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Kathleen Baldwin / A School For Unusual Girls / YA Historical Fiction Romance

Thank goodness for simple stories
Told blisteringly fast
No heavy thinking required
Just Escape
Just what I needed

New to the YA collection
A School For Unusual Girls
The first Stranje House Novel
By Kathleen Baldwin

Young ladies don't do science
Young ladies don't burn barns down experimenting
Young ladies must not be "unusual"

Georgiana Fitzwilliam does science
Georgiana Fitzwilliam is "unusual"
Georgiana Fitzwilliam burned the barn down

Georgiana is taken to Miss Stranje's school
A school where "unusual" girls
Are tortured and beaten into submission
So they say

The girls Georgie meets at school
They all have their proclivities
They are all "unusual"

The Napoleonic Europe is at war with itself
Countries are teetering on the brink of destruction
The abundance of spies and counter spies, staggering

The Empire will do anything to avert invasion
Even putting young women in harms way

The Decemberists
What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A. G. Stewart / Loose Changeling / Terrific Indie Series Opener

It's always interesting buying from small publishers
Loose Changeling was a pleasant surprise
A. G. Stewart has given us a good story
A protagonist to get behind and root for
And some delightful humor.

The characters are not mono-dimensional
Even the husband being divorced has some very good character traits
Nicole Philbin, the protagonist, is in no way perfect
But very likable, very engaging

Nicole Philbin is not what she appears to be
Nicole is not entirely human
Nicole does not have a clue

This is so fresh
I've never read a story like this before
Hey, Hey, Hey
I kept turning the pages
I was fully engaged and enjoying the story
Keep in mind
I don't post books I don't finish
I Never finish books I don't like

There may or may not be a romance here
Everybody and I do mean everybody
Is busy dealing with the detritus of a Fae power struggle
And the pending divorce
Nicole turned the errant mistress into a mouse
It was an accident, really, she had no idea
This was fun
I look forward to the next Changeling Wars novel

New music at the library
Marcia Ball
The Tattooed Lady and the Alligator Man

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Judd Trichter / Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction / Whew!

After reading The Mad Scientist's Daughter
How could another android human relationship interest me
Cassandra Rose Clarke won all my accolades
I had no more to dish

Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
The title obviously caught me out
And the author, a guy, what's this about
How will a guy handle it

What became more important
What kind of guy falls for an android
Eliot Lazar is not a creepy guy
He is not a guy without problems
Why should he do today what can be put off again and again

What drew Eliot to Iris Matsuo
The flaw in her Iris
Her ability to create Art, real Art
Iris is obviously sentient
True Creativity does not come from programming

Trouble comes when Trackers grab Iris
Trackers trap freebots, dismantle them and sell the parts
Eliot finds focus
Eliot must find all the parts
Eliot is now a driven man

Judd Trichter has delivered the goods
A story that wraps you up and does not let go

New music to me and on my play list
This guy is channeling Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart
What more can you as for?
Jack White