Monday, January 25, 2016

Marianne De Pierres / Mythmaker / The Story Just Keeps Getting Better

I really enjoyed Peacemaker  (post)
The idea of the last natural lands on the planet
A young woman trying to keep it safe
The rest of the world interfering with her work

Mythmakerbook 2 of the Peacemaker Series
More engaging than Peacemaker, if that is even possible
Broadened the scope of the story
And upped the ante in danger to park and planet
Virgin Jackson more endearing than ever

Mythos, demons you may or may not be familiar with
Are showing up more frequently
In greater numbers
They are everywhere
Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

Not everyone can see the Mythos
Not just anything can kill a Mythos
Virgin Jackson and Nate Sixkiller can

Virgin Jackson is now on assignment
Working for the GJIC (Global Joint Intelligence  Commission)
With US Marshal Nate Sixkiller
Tasked to stop the Mythos
Not a simple thing to do

Least I forget to tell you
The head of the GJIC, Commander Orlean
The woman who abandoned Virgin and her father so long ago
Did not know she was even alive
Virgin's mother, Yikes!
Life can be so complicated

This is terrific urban fantasy
The world is a delight to read about
The city next to the park, messy, wonderfully messy
Virgin Jackson more likable with every turn of the page
Marianne De Pierres, take a bow, Standing Ovation!

Publisher of this mash-up?
Angry Robot of course

Might fine music at the library
Nashville ObsoleteDave Rawlings Machine

Monday, January 4, 2016

Matt Hill / Graft / 448 Pages of 'wth' / That's Right Mascara Snake, What The Heck

Who'd a thunk it?
Matt Hill thought of it
Sizzling, Bizarre, Shiny
Okay, Okay
There is nothing Shiny here
Maybe a clean car

It's 2025 Manchester England
Everything sucks, big time
Sol runs a chop shop
Old cars for old parts
Why oh why did they jack a shiny new Lexus
Big mistake, really Big mistake

I've just finished the eARC
Thank you Angry Robot!

Often a little confused
My mind miss-directing itself
Thinking I "knew" something
I didn't
Always Locked-In
Full of Wonderment, ooh

About the Lexus
There was a surprise in the boot
A woman
A woman with three arms
"Made to order"

Something new in music
The Milk Carton Kids
Don't miss it

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

C. A. Higgins / Lightless / Brilliant Debut / Hard Sci-Fi / Social Sci-Fi

I love Hard Sci-Fi full of real science
I love Social Sci-Fi full of serious social issues
Do all of the above in one story
And Illuminate the Human Condition
What more could I ask for

Lightless by C. A. Higgins
Does it all

The Ship (the Ananke) is magnificent
Think big, as in Death Star big
We do not know it's purpose

On the ship a crew of 3
You heard me right, only 3 crew members
And an awakening computer

Althea, the engineer, designed much
Coded the computer
Ananke is hers and hers alone
Ananke is her child
Althea will protect her child

This book is on many Best of 2015 lists
With good reason

Music from 1988
Steve Earle / Copperhead Road

Scott Hawkins / The Library at Mount Char / Bizarre Twist Twisty Twisted Pleasure To Read

There is a Library
There are Librarians
Like nothing you have imagined

Scott Hawkins debut
The Library at Mount Char
Inventive merely hints at the brilliance here

You can't become complacent
The rules are always changing
The ante, your life
The stakes, always being raised

Carolyn and her peers
Spirited away as children
Raised by "father"
Each with their own library skill set
Some much more deadly than others

Father, perhaps God, or something else
Missing now
Turbulent times to be sure

I'm just not giving any spoilers here
Sometimes touching
Sometimes uber-violent
Sometimes both, often with a Bam! of Bazaar
This is a very unique read
You will be engaged

Ryan Adam / 1989
Covering Taylor Swift's CD 1989

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Adam Mansbach / The Dead Run / Page Burning Thriller

Adam Mansbach can make you turn pages
The Dead Run defies genera placement
The pages turn none the less
The Jess Galvan Series will hook you

In The Dead Run 
Jess is just trying to do the right thing
Save his daughter, from the cult mom joined
Save a Mexican hooker from some very bad people
Save the World from an Aztec God
Pretty much average day after average day

The plotting makes complete sense
Convoluted it may be
It makes perfect sense to the reader

Fans of Richard Kadrey's Sand Man Slim series
This may be a good choice for you, it was for me

Music revisited
Not for the faint
Trout Mask Replica
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band