Thursday, April 17, 2014

Marianne de Pierres / Peacemaker / Near Future Science Fiction / Sweet

Virginia Jackson is a park ranger
Virginia's domain is the last of the natural landscape
Virginia is having visions, or are they real

A body count where there should be none is growing
The park service is sending unrequested help
US Marshal Nate Sixkiller a tall, lean, stoic, Native American

Virginia does not play well with others
Nate does not play
The two of them are just not meant for a fun time

The world building left nothing to be desired
The park, the city, the slums
I am anxious to return

It's a great mash-up of genre
Noir, urban fantasy, western, sci-fi and so much more

The characters are enjoyable
The plot twisted and always interesting

Marianne de Pierres
Peacmaker book 1

New Music
A must for Alt Country, Singer Songwriter fans
Not just the top of my play list
Almost always on the box
Every start of my wife's ride, it's playing
Deceivingly  simple, Monstrously complex
As my friend replied to an email query
"She has got some tough, powerful lyrics!!!
Feeling a little "destroyed" right now...
in a good way"
Says it all
Amy Ray
Goodnight Tender

Monday, April 7, 2014

Adam Christopher / Burning Dark / Sci-Fi Horror Mash-up

Burning Dark by Adam Christopher
The Spider Wars book 1
I rarely read horror novels
I thought about putting this one down

It's not just a horror story
It's science fiction
I was too invested in the protagonist
I'm glad I kept reading

At the get go
Delightful space opera
Magnificent space battle
Intriguing enemy

On the flip side
Psychological thriller
Extraordinary mind games
Utterly disturbing enemy

On the whole
Satisfying science fiction
Many unanswered questions
Obviously, more to come

Drive-By Truckers
English Oceans

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Katherine Addison / The Goblin Emperor / Brilliant

Katherine Addison
The Goblin Emperor
I was all in from the get go

Young Maia
Half Elf, Half Goblin
Banished son of the Emperor

Maia's sweet and loving goblin mother
Died when just a young boy
Being raised and educated
By a mean vindictive elf
Himself banished from the Emperor's Court

In a heartbeat
The Emperor and his sons
All dead in an airship crash

Maia the forgotten son
Now heir to the Elfin Throne
Knowing nothing of Court
Knowing nothing of political intrigue

Maia, at heart, his mother's son
A sweet, gentle, loving son
Thrust upon the Elfin Throne

A Must Read for fantasy fans
A Must Read for fans of a good story
Katherine Addison, on my Must Read List

Something I'm going to listen to
Anybody with 841 5-Star Ratings
Out of a total of 920
Has to be doing something right
Lindsey Stirling by Lindsey Stirling

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Karl Schroeder / Lockstep / Too Interesting To Put Down

I considered putting this story aside
I just wasn't in the groove
Suddenly, I was more than in the groove
I was in the canyon
I had no climbing gear
I had to read myself out of the book

The premise was a nice twist of an old idea
Cryosleep for planet dwellers and space travelers alike
Everyone is awake at the same short periods of time
Everyone asleep at the same long periods of time
Everyone in Lockstep ages together
Very, very, very slowly

Toby, the protagonist, flies off to do a simple job
His space craft has problems
Toby wakes up 14,000 years later
Things have changed

Karl Schroeder; Lockstep
Space Opera / Hard Sci-Fi
Fast enjoyable read
A very likable young protagonist
An interesting fix for no faster than light space travel

The Essential Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Emma Newman / Any Other Name /// Martha Wells / Emilie & the Sky World /// Second Books Did Not Disappoint


Any Other Name
The Split Worlds book 2
Emma Newman upped her game

I loved book one
Between Two Thorns   (post)

Any Other Name
Every plot issue, more complicated
Every character, more complex


YA Steampunk with a lovable heroine

Emilie & the Sky World
Martha Wells
Sequel to Emilie & the Hollow World   (post)

I am still totally loving Emilie
A stand up girl
Always trying to do the right thing

Angry Robot and Strange Chemistry
Consistently publishing what I want to read

Here to Stay: best of 2000 - 2012
John Hiatt