Thursday, August 21, 2014

John Scalzi / Old Man's War / Terrific Idea, Terrific Book

John Scalzi's Old Man's War
Just kept showing up
John Scalzi is all over the web
Just couldn't ignore it any more

Cracked the book and disappeared
The premise was intriguing
Life trundles along on Earth
In the far reaches of space, War!
War that has gone on for generations

Unique is who fights the war
Only the very old can enlist
If you are old and looking death in the face
Enlistment entices with the hint of rejuvenation
Prolonged life and health
Who wouldn't sign up?

The trick is in how they prolong your life
I'm not telling
Discovery is too rich

The attrition rate in the army is atrocious
Most recruits do not make it to discharge

Who do we fight?
Aliens, Lots of Aliens
Lots of different Alien Cultures

A must read for Sci-Fi and Space Opera readers
Looking forward to the next book
The Ghost Brigades
Series title: Old Man's War
5 books and counting

Music revisited and worth it!
Blue Nightfall
Jimmy LaFave

Thursday, August 14, 2014

David Gordon / The Serialist / Nothing Like It / Outstanding First Novel!

David Gordon stopped me in my tracks
I sat down and read The Serialist
Nothing else mattered

I constantly wanted to stop and highlight
Library book, No Highlighting!
I constantly wanted to stop and tweet a quote
No time for foolishness, I'm reading

Harry Block is a writer
Not literature, pulp
Harry's life is a trash heap

Harry gets an invite to visit prison
A serial killer wants to talk
The killer wants to tell his story
He wants Harry to write a book

Calamity becomes Chaos
The body count begins to rise

It's up to Harry

I have my own copy now
A rare event
Highlights and quotes to ensue

I'm taking this one home
Putting the player on repeat
And Cranking It Up!!
Guitar Town
Steve Earle