Thursday, October 27, 2011

Action, Action And More Action, Gotta Love YA

Lorien Legacies book two
The Power of Six
by Pittacus Lore (James Frey and Jobie Hughes)
Is loaded for bear with action

(Why is James Frey ringing bells?
A Million Little Pieces (A Million Little Lies)
Can't deny his ability to tell a good story)

Book one, I Am Number Four
Set everything up and ended with a Bang
The Power of Six opens fast
Introduces more players, more perils
More Numbers, some dying
The bad aliens are moving in, fast and violent
But for the Grace of God
They have to kill the Lorien in numerical order
Sam and Number Four, literally
Take a walk into Alien Hell

New music in the library
with an apropos song
Smells Like Teen Spirit (radio edit) (track 17)
Outside Society (remastered) woo hoo
by Patti Smith, beat poet attitude on a CD
Only two of the tracks are "radio edit"

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