Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Put The World On Pause For Two Days

Virgil Flowers has a new case
Virgil was just being himself, edgy
Thinking about fishing
Wearing great T-shirts
John Sandford was just being himself
Writing books much better than most
Literate comes to mind
Virgil's sensitive side came to the fore
Made me like him even more
The mad bomber was brilliant
Virgil tried something new
Virgil was Brilliant
And went home alone
Shock Wave

On the Sci-Fi side
Just finished The Digital Plague
Jeff Somers can write shootouts
His character Avery Cates
A noir head case (this is a positive statement)
MW Dictionary suggest Bleak and Sleazy
I'm game, Bleak and Sleazy it is
Avery has a penchant for violence
Not quite, "ruthless killer"
Wanton killer comes to mind
The Plague?
A new spin on nano technology
Fast, Fun, Gritty, Violent!
I learned I had read book 2
It stood alone quite well
I will be dipping back to the first
And moving on the the newer ones
Avery Cates, interesting guy
Lots of Attitude

Not so main stream, main stream
Some attitude, some sensitivity
Lots of Content
Brad Paisley
Time Well Wasted

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