Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Can Not Stay Away From YA

Having read David Weber for years
And totally enjoying the Honor Harrington series
Start with On Basilisk Station you won't look back
What a treat to find him entering the YA fray

Book one of the Star Kingdom novels A Beautiful Friendship
Gives the back story to Honor Harrington's family
The story is that of young Stephanie Harrington
Stephanie is the first to encounter the sentient alien "treecats"
The first to make a psychic bond with a treecat

There are many lessons for both young and old readers here
I shudder to think what our first encounter will be like

As a young man I bought all the LPs I could find
Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee were treasures
New to our collection Backwater Blues
Recorded live at Sugar Hill 1961
Recorded and mastered with loving care
This is the best they have ever sounded to me
The dynamics of instruments and vocals are amazing
Traditional Blues at its very best

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