Monday, January 9, 2012

Too Much Of A Good Thing? No Way! I Want More!

Scholar, the new L. E. Modesitt novel
Number 4 (#1 chronologically) in the Imager Portfolio series
Just what I needed and didn't know I needed it
Going back hundreds of years in the series timeline
We get the back story of the Scholars/Imagers
The turbulent social and political machinations
How the young ruler, Bhayar, uses his friend Quaeryt
Setting things in motion to educate and protect Imagers
Quaeryt tells no one he is an Imager
On the surface, it's all about Scholars
The political boundaries are awash with turmoil
There is much to be done
The intrigues are just that, intriguing
I look forward to more prehistory
I hope he continues with the "modern" characters too
Good Stuff!

Music on my mind
Ryan Adams newest
Some fine song writing and performing
Ashes & Fire

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