Monday, May 16, 2011

Lost Gate Is So Much More Than Some Of The "Critics" Said

Thank goodness for book reviewers
They help in picking a books
Thank goodness I often don't listen
Thank you, I'll make my own mind up
Perhaps my mind is making me up
Sci-Fi & Fantasy, ya gotta love it

The Lost Gate is a great opener for the series
The Mithermages by Orson Scott Card
The young lad is an outcast among his people
He has no magic
The obvious arrives
He is a Gate Mage
On the run and being hunted
His own people, no less
Want to put him down like a broken dog
Fun Fun Fun!

Been stressed for time to write
Will try to find more time
Much to talk about

Music in my grateful psyche
Lucinda Williams newest

Awash amid anxiety, angst and acerbity
One foot in front of the other
Not looking over my shoulder
I abide


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