Monday, June 13, 2011

Half Share By Nathan Lowell Does Not Miss A Beat

Somewhere in one of the books
Perhaps an interview with Nathan Lowell on the web
The author explained his motive in writing
Trader's Tales from The Golden Age Of The Solar Clipper
It made perfect sense.
His aim is not to boldly go somewhere
But, to capture life on a space freighter
It's not about aliens
This is not about saving the Universe

It's about saving one another, about being human.
Quarter Share thrilled me
Its simplicity and story telling absolutely captivating
Half Share seamlessly continues the story
I had a free weekend and wasted no time
Reading every word, pausing at every comma
Landing satisfied at the finish.
In the Deep Dark, on a Solar Clipper
Crew is Family

Salt of the earth story
Salt of the earth music
Levon Helm (of The Band)
Dirt Farmer 2007
Electric Dirt 2009

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