Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Lost Fleet Heads Into The Deep Dark

Jack Campbell writes enjoyable space opera
His, The Lost Fleet series gets a new subtitle
It's getting ridiculously long
The Lost Fleet: Beyond The Frontier: Dreadnaught
Okay,    Series Title:     Sub-Series Title:     Title
Jack?  Publisher?  Publisher?  Jack?
Somebody is a little title happy
I'm sure glad the author continues
With good pacing and enjoyable stories
Multidimensional characters
Space Candy, Yummy

New Music just in the library
Steve Winwood
Revolutions: the very best of Steve Winwood
If you were to throw the parts of my brain
That contain Steve Winwood memories
Into a Veg-O-Matic, and then let it sit for a day
The Skim Cream would result in this CD
It's brilliant. It's the songs I want to hear
Starting with two cuts from his early teens
with The Spencer Davis Group; I'm A Man
His influence on the group was overwhelming
Three or four cuts from Traffic
Starting with my All Time Favorite Song
Forty Thousand Headmen
Several more from Blind Faith
and finishing with some newer music
Fondest memory; all but leaning on his B3
The Family Dog, Denver, Co 1969
Eric Clapton standing right there in front of me
Skinny little Ginger Baker in the back on the drums
Chills run up my spine thinking about it.
I was young and dumb, they owned me


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