Monday, January 24, 2011

N. K. Jemisin’s Second Book Stands Tall; Jack Campbell Writes Exemplary Space Opera

N. K. Jemisin did not bunt her second book
She Hit Another Home Run!
We learned about Sky
The city in The Tree where Gods are at beck and call
Now we learn about life around the roots
Gritty, Dangerous, Scheming, Conniving
Filled with Socio-Religious Machinations
Our new heroin Oree
A blind girl from a destroyed continent
Gifted with the ability to see Gods and Godlings
Among other things
And a compassionate heart
You can’t help but love the girl

I read and truly enjoy Space Opera
I’m now reading book three
Campbell just does it better
The characters have complexity
There is a distinct lack of
Repetitive drivel, alas, alack, O Woe…
The battles are well written
The prose, do not stumble
Thanks Jack!

Track Three, Downtown Babylon
Yes I’ve mentioned this before
It’s good enough to say it again!


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