Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sandman Slim Kills The Dead

Richard Kadrey continues to entertain immensely
Kill the Dead has enough laugh out loud
To Kill the Living
Kadrey’s knowledge of B movies
Beyond belief
(Is there a wasted youth skulking the frontal lobe?)
William Gibson's tag on the cover of book one
“Best B movie I’ve read in twenty years”
I would never disagree with Gibson
Book two is even funnier
If you like James Butcher
You will love Richard Kadrey
Did I mention irreverence?
Did I mention lots of dead Zombies?
Perhaps I should say dead, dead Zombies
The Sandman’s best pal is a disembodied head

Music to re-enter the "in your face" world of the living
Breathe and Fleeting Days by Dan Bern
You don’t know modern Folk Music
Until you know Dan Bern


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