Monday, January 3, 2011

Something New This Way Comes

A double dose of whatever turns your crank
And you don’t feel bad after it’s over
Not quite steampunk. A world too well imagined
Not quite fantasy. It’s not magic its Gods
Not quite science fiction. Still feels post apocalyptic
Gripping Engrossing Captivating, More, Much More
You have never read this story before

I could not put the book down

People of the Gun (Think über-cowboy),
With their personal God in their gun
Controlled by “The Gun”
Go toe to toe with
People of the Line
(Think über-industrialist / bureaucrats)
Their Gods are in their machines
Very controlled by “The Line”
People of the Line now inhabit my nightmares

The rest of the world’s people?
Cannon fodder or Gear fodder
There are two main characters
Creedmore, a man of the Gun
In constant conflict with “the Gun” and himself
Dr. Liv Alverhuysen, psychologists, recently widowed
Liv  is moving West and growing stronger
looking for adventure (or something)
She finds it

Music of the moment
Alt-Country is the real country for me

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