Monday, January 10, 2011

Rapt Up In The Player Of Games

Not even finished with book two
I am in a transcendental fugue
Iain Banks is viscous wicked
Gollum screaming Sneekum
Comes to mind
Book eight was great
Book one set the stage
Book two, the characters,
Both man and machine
Twisted, smart, sneaky
The plot, absolutely astounding!
The society build, so inventive

The tease
A great and noted scholar of games
Joins Culture’s “Special Circumstances”
Travels to an Empire who's power structure
Is based on one’s ability to play The Game

The result
Messy, convoluted, twisted, slick story
Driving the reader deeper and deeper
Where the hell are the boundaries of the Game
Are there boundaries to the Game
Wait a minute. Does this apply to my life?

Music at the moment
WHEW! Music with CONTENT!

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