Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Needed Some Candy; Found It; Sated; Baited

Deus Ex: Icarus Effect did just what I needed
Faded away into story land
Violence, Weapons, Augmented Bodies
What more could I ask for
Big Konspiracy (sic) of course
The Illuminati, nothing less
What fun, What fun!
Very Good Story Telling
Two characters with admirable ethics
Complexities of we broken; mending humans
James Swallow
Writer, Scriptwriter, Gaming stuff
Knowing this, the book was better than expected
My "negative gaming cognitive effect"
It's personal (I read, I read, I read)
Time;  Make Time, Make Time, Make Time
Soylent Green on my brain
I must get over it
My sister sent my 7 yr old a DS lite
E gads! she's gaming
I must get over it
It's 2011, I need to embrace the present
We will be buying more James Swallow
I need my candy

Music at the moment
Lucinda Williams
Alejandro Escovedo
Real Animal

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