Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Druids And A Brilliant Prey Novel

The minute I put Hounded down I picked up Hexed
This is great summer fun by Kevin Hearne
The Iron Druid Chronicles keeps me smiling
Poor Atticus is Hexed by some bad witches
He abhors witches, he loathes witches
Unfortunately, or fortunately
He has to work with some "good witches"
It's a relative term, taken with a pinch of salt no doubt

John Sandford's latest Prey Novel, #21, is a bell ringer
Buried Prey tolls for me
(pardon me, too slow getting my hands off the keyboard)
Yes, I know it's not SF and F, but this one, Whew!
This novel warps time and gives us the back story
Things we did not know about Davenport
A glimpse of his first trip through the tulips
Off with the uniform
On with the best threads his budget can afford
Temporary assignment as a detective
"What a bright boy am I", says Davenport to himself
What a bright boy he is
If you have never read Sandford
Start at the beginning
Read Rules of Prey, 1989
Some of the best character development ever
Not one, not one, of his stories will let you down

New to the library
Music worth listening to

Blonde on Blonde, Bob Dylan 1966
Dylan devoted one whole side,
of this original double LP, to one (1) song
Sad Eyed Lady of the Low Lands 11 min.19 sec
Unheard of at the time

Music From the North Country;
The Jayhawks Anthology, Jayhawks
This band was early in the genera, Alt-Country
Music with content


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