Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Six-Gun Tarot / R. S. Belcher / A Riviting Genre Mash Up / SF&F Steampunk Western

R. S. Belcher has written a beaut
The Six-Gun Tarot packs a wallop
The story is as layered as a bag of corn tortillas
Science, Religion, Magic, Sociology, Mythos... name it

All the players, human and not so human
Well conceived, complex, dynamic
All the plot twists, and there are many
Well delineated, yet convoluted

The story at heart
A young man's heart
Riddled with guilt
Coming to grips, with a little help

Loaded with violence
Good Fighting Evil
Loaded with tenderness
In the midst of chaos

I love first novels
I love first record albums
The crafter at their rawest
A glimpse of their soul

Thank you Mr Belcher
Such a thought provoking
Heart string pulling
Beautiful Story

New Music
Posted for my wonderful wife
The Mavericks
In Time

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