Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Am Spooked, Always Have Been; I Am Paranoid, Always Will Be

Ken MaCleod has me wound up and jinky
The Night Sessions is responsible
Sentient robots, God, Faith Wars and more, much more
Flashed be back to 1963
Asimov's; I Robot
Asimov's, "Three Laws of Robots", is out the door
My head kept racing ahead of the story
The story never caught me
It went somewhere else. Gadzooks!
Surprise, Surprise, I was Surprised
Again and Again
What fun, What fun!
Easy as this book is to read
This book will evoke some heady thinking
This book will burn some of your calories
Full bodied folk like me
Will see this book as the thinking man's diet

New to the collection and my ears
The Whole Love by Wilco

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