Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller / The Liaden Universe / Yippie-Yi-Yay-Kai-O

I am embarrassed to say
I am a late comer to the Liaden Universe
I am happy to say
The library now has or soon will have
The entire collection

(Start reading with book 3 or greater
Go back to books 1 & 2 after you get in the groove
Books 1 & 2 were written later in the game)

Late to the game I may be
I'm catching up fast
These books often Trump other books I'm reading
The plain and simple truth; Too Much Fun!
We all need a little "Fun" in our lives

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, take a bow
It is not often so evident
Writers not just enjoying their work
Writers having a real good time writing
Word that comes to mind when reading; Playful

Don't get me wrong
Playful they may be
This is good Space Opera
This is good Regency Romance
This is good story telling

Music to turn your head
I just posted this a few blogs ago
I'm posting it again
I want to grow her US fan base
Music with content (read the lyrics)
Selah Sue
Selah Sue (c) 2011

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