Thursday, December 26, 2013

Emma Newman / Between Two Thorns / A Twisted Victorian Fantasy

Between Two Thorns
Split Worlds book one
Emma Newman

Don't know what it was
The book simply captivated me
I was held prisoner to the finish

Might have been the Victorian Fae wannabees
All their silly rules and patrimonial families

Might have been the three worlds
The Mundane, that's us
The Fae Wannabees, hence the runaway
The Fae, a fickle lot to be sure
I just got caught-up and could not let go

Max, an Arbiter
His soul in a jar somewhere
Is looking for a runaway

Cathy, the runaway
Wants to live in the Mundane
She has no desire to be eternal
Eternally under someones thumb

Sam, a Mundane with a good heart
Saw something he should not have seen
Something is amok across the worlds

Not gonna give a penny away
You want the pleasure
You read the book

I'm going to read book 2
Any Other Name
I want to be in the thralls again
I want to be Emma Newman's prisoner

Johnny Cash
Life Unheard

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