Thursday, November 21, 2013

Emma Jane Holloway / A Study in Silks / Steam, Society, Skullduggery and Sherlock's Niece Evelina / Every Thing A Reader Needs

I needed something to read
While waiting in line
While sitting patiently
Something easy to return to
Again and again

I always carry at least one book
Something instantly engaging
Something easily set aside
Something easily returned to

A Study in Silks
Book one in The Baskerville Affair
A perfect match for the job

Emma Jane Holloway
A Study in Silks was a total delight

What more could I ask for
Sherlock's niece Evelina
Evil Steam Barons
Devices imbued with magic
Victorian manners
A comedy of Victorian manners
Goofy Victorian romance

Fun to read from start to finish

The Avett Brothers
Magpie And The Dandelion

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